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    Hi, I was regular customer for Airtel Broadband from 2009 on wards. However starting Dec 2012, there had been frequent issues with the broadband/ land line connection. I had contacted Airtel customer care several times and they were fixing this issue , but there was no permanent solution. Starting march 16th 2013, there was no service provided. During the month of March, Airtel Broadband even gave me a 500 INR rebate for not being able to provide service. I was promised by the customer care representative (not to mention the numerous calls they made to me to ensure that I dont cancel )that it would be fixed. I even begged with them to cancel, but I was assured that I wouldn't be charged for the period I was not provided service for . However, even by the end of April 2013 the issue was not fixed. Vexed up, I called them again and asked them to cancel it. Then they asked me to pay for April. I called up Mr. Srinivasan (09566046001) 3 times and he said he should be able to close it if there were no outgoing, but that was no help either. I have served legally now for non payment of the amount.

    My Account number is : 15078349

    I want to stand up for the truth and I feel a like company like Airtel Bharthi should stand for integrity.

    Any piece of advice to me on how to take it legally to Airtel?? I understand they have a dedicated Legal department which deals with loop holes. But as a common man, I want to be heard.
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    My order was made on 2nd august to deliver a rakhi to my brother on the 19th of August. When i called the customer service, i was given a bogus bluedart tracking number which did not exist. On talking to the customer service person, i was told that i had to wait till 7pm IST for the tracing of my parcel.. Till then Rakshabandhan would be over. I was not told about the way they would want to amend their mistake or anyway they would send an alternative parcel to my brother. Please help me as i want to sue these people. I am very upset as i am a very religious person and this has hurt my family and my religious sentiments.
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    I manoj kumar rana took a icici insurance policy(policy no-01084903) and it was a cashback policy.According to this policy i am supposed to get some amount in every four years.
    So in the year 2008,i got a cheque but in 2012 as i was supposed to get another cheque but i didn't get.Then i went to the icici prudential life insurance model
    town branch to complain against it,they said that they sent a cheque but the address was not correct so it came back,and in 10-15 days you can collect the cheque from
    our branch and we will let you now as soon as we get the cheque in our branch.Now it has been more than a month since i went to their branch but i have not got any call from them.
    first of all they gave me a false reason of not paying me in 2012 because if the address was the issue then how would i got the cheque in 2008 and if the cheque came back
    to their office then they should have informed me but they didn't.So i request you to kindly resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Policy holder-Manoj kumar rana (ph.9811119123)

    ICICI prudential life insurance
    (policy no.-01084903)
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    This is in regards with rakhi booked for delivery via www.Giftalove.com (Order Number: GL-1483311839).

    We have not received order and no responses to update regarding the status, I sent email to both of the email ids below

    This is rediculous
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    I have one Aircel Postpaid connection 9853024242(Odisha).
    Now am out of state
    I wanna to terminate/close my connection.
    What should i do?
    My address is
    3rd - 6th Floor, S.M. Tower,
    Plot No. - 130,
    Mancheswar Industrial Estate,
    Bhubaneswar - 751 101

    To contact me - swarupmall@hotmail.com
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I'm very disappointed in your services from last 4 to 5 months.

    For my loan payment collection no one your executive come for collect I have already talked so many time to your agency about that whenever your executive come they denied to received cheque they demand for cash…

    Executive name is Ajay and contact number is 9953273573.

    I am requesting to you please send your executive on time otherwise I will not pay any payment for loan and also no cheque bounce charges..
    Agency number is

    My loan number is LAN514247
    My name is Akshay Saxena
    Contact number is 9717674108,8285370082
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    To The Honourable Consumer Court

    we had bonded our imported cargo at customs bonded warehouse(continental bonded warehouse, madhavaram, chennai).all the goods are insured under (double duty bond) ie,insurance amount of the total value of goods along with customs duty was covered.the fire broke out on 14-4-2011 and today it is about 2 and half years and the united india insurance co ltd, chennai has just settled only 40-50 % of the sum insured.whereas these insurance company have immediately settled the total amount of customs duty amount with the customs department without settling the goods or principal amount of the parties who have bonded their goods which is totally injustice to the parties who have given business to united india insurance co ltd, chennai are not being paid at all.Also apart from this while getting the 40%-50% claim we were forced to pay additional premium for no fault of ours and how can the insurance company demand for additional premium after the fire broke out and at the time of giving the claim.this shows that we were ransomed and forced to pay to get the part claims.which is also not justified.

    now it is almost 2 and half years up and we are not getting any reply from the united india insurance company ltd, chennai for the balance amount claim.

    also to be noted is that the customercare department of united india insurance company ltd chennai has sent an email mentioning that they had instructed CWC(CONTINENTAL WAREHOUSING CORPORATION, CHENNAI to settle our full amount of claim settlement as per their SECOND INTERIUM LOSS ADJUSTMENT REPORT DT:25-04-2012 but when we asked CWC CONTINENTAL WAREHOUSING CORPORATION CHENNAI , they have informed us saying that they have not received any SECOND INTERIUM LOSS ADJUSTMENT REPORT DT:25-4-2012 from insurance company to settle our full claim amount.Now when we are asking the Insurance company to provide us the SECOND INTERIUM LOSS ADJUSTMENT REPORT DT:25-4-2012 they are refusing and not giving us the report and are asking us to contact CWC CONTINENTAL WAREHOUSING CORPORATION CHENNAI ,sir they are delly dallying the matter and purposely delaying our claim settlement and donot intend to settle our claim amount.Sir whenever we ask them for the claim settlement , they say us not call directly or contact directly and ask us to come through CWC continental warehousing corporation chennai.Sir when the goods belong to us and when we have stored the goods in our company name, it is clear that goods belong to us and as this is a Customs bonded warehouse and the insurance premium was paid by CWC continental warehousing corporation chennai on behalf of our company for which we have paid all the charges to CWC continental warehousing corporation chennai on time to time, then it is totally clear that we are the absolute owners of the goods,but inspite of informing them all these facts , the insurance company is going deaf and not hearing our pleas.sir this matter needs a thorough investigation and or sincere request is to ask the insurance company to pay our balance claim settlement amount along with interest from the date of fire broke out at the rate of 24% p.a. till date. and also all the charges incurred to us on this account such as additional premium paid, cargo demurrage charges, warehousing charges and premium paid towards these cargos, all related charges to be paid by the insurance company. we are also planning to file a case for mental agony caused to us towards this account for not settleing the insurance amount for almost 2 and half years.also kindly call for survey report, in this the surveyor has taken 2 years just to file his survey report,when we asked the reason for delay , we were orally informed that many documents were not submitted by us.but sir for their kind information when we bond the goods under customs bonded warehouse , first question raised by them is to produce all the documents, if we donot produce all the documents pertaining to the goods to be bonded, we cannot bond the goods, then where is the question of delay due to documents not being submitted.this matter looks fishy and has to be thoroughly investigated and the person who has delayed this matter has to be punished.

    please note the policy no

    as the matter is almost 2 and half years and still our claims are unsettled.

    Sir, we just have a simple question to the united india insurance company ltd, chennai that

    firstly when the insurance company are collecting the Insurance premium from us whether direct or indirect,what is the problem in paying our sum insured or insurance claim? WHAT IS THE REASON FOR NOT SETTLING THE CLAIM TO THE INSURER?

    secondly, when the goods are custom bonded in the bonded warehouse in the name of m/s.DHIRISH INTERNATIONAL, bangalore, it is clear that the absolute owner of the goods is m/s.dhirish international, bangalore, then what is the problem for informing us that we have no concern or no direct contract with us.Does by saying this, does the insurance company donot want to SETTLE OUR CLAIM, just because we are not in direct contract with the Insurance company.or They donot want to settle the Claim by saying so?

    thirdly, when we are bonding our goods under GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, UNDER THE CUSTOMS BONDED WAREHOUSE(CONTINENTAL WAREHOUSING CORPORATION, CHENNAI), it is clear that we have to submit all the relevant and necessary original documents to the customs bonding section and to CONTINENTAL WAREHOUSING CORPORATION , CHENNAI , only after submitting the original documents our cargo is bonded, then why did the Surveyors take 2 years only to file the FINAL REPORT?Also when we are asking the INSURANCE COMPANY FOR SECOND INTERIUM LOSS ADJUSTMENT REPORT DT:25-4-2012, the same is not being provided inspite of requesting them to provide the same.We have even asked the Continental warehousing corporation chennai , but regret they have also not provided the same to us informing us that the insurance company is not providing them the same.This matter is totally fishy and we feel that we are being taken for a ride and matter being delayed purposely.

    sir we hope action is being initiated through consumer court and please if necessary you can call us on our mobile no:09844040404-hitesh momaya or you can send us an email on our email id.hiteshmomaya@hotmail.com , we shall give you all the necessary documents or papers required for filing in the consumer court for further action and settlement of claim along with Interest, all charges towards this account,bonding charges , warehousing charges, additional premium collected from us and also apart from this , the amount of mental agony caused to us,we wish to file a defamation case against the insurance company for informing us that we are no way concerned and not to be contacted directly.

    this if for your kind reference
    thanking you
    best regards
    hitesh momaya
    m/s.dhirish international.,
    28,old tharagupet,

    head office;1105,2nd floor, archana arcade, 24th main road, j.p.nagar-1st phase,
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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Dear Sir/Ma'am,

    I want to lodge a complaint against XOLO (for my mobile ph)...i am facing lot of difficulties contact them...it has become a mental stress now..

    It's only been 3 months ...i bought this A-800 XOLO mobile and facing so much of operational problem that ultimately i had to give it to the service centre for repairing. It's been more then 20 days now..whenever i cal the customer care people ..i only get to know that within 48 hrs i will get to know the status....whereas on the first day i have been informed that i will get my mobile within 5 working days.....what is the use of customer care or service centre when they don't have any information..or in that case they should stop launching new products and also selling products as they don't have any AFTER SALE SERVICE ....In Delhi they have only 2 centres..even in that case they keep Mayur Vihar centre closed...


    COMPLAIN NUMBER - 310000087957

    Please help me what to do and how to approach them...

    Thanks & regards,

    Sonali Shyam
    Mobile - 9891820253
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    I had order for "Canon Digital IXUS 125 HS 16MP" but i received "Canon Digital IXUS 240 HS 16MP". On July 5th i placed my complaint with snap deal (complaint Number : 2470673) and they told they will send a courier person for reverse pick up. In spite of my request of giving prior information about the pick time they ignored it and courier person just dropped in. I asked him to wait for a few minutes i shall just come with the product, he left without any information.

    For almost a week+ no person came to pick up the product and later to which i was asked to courier the product and the courier money will be reimbursed.
    i sent the product through professional courier on 25th July 2013.

    According to the courier website the product is received and it is acknowledged by MR. TEJPAL JI with STAMP (as on 29th July 2013). But when contacted snap deal they tell they haven't received the product yet (as of 20th Aug 2013).

    i have been following up for more than a month now and have never received any proper response. Every time they only claim to have forward the compliant and will call back in 24 to 48 hours. But will fail to call or give any types of updates.

    10 days ago i received a mail from snap deal asking my bank details for reimbursement of the money. and when contacted today they came up with same story that they haven't received the product.

    I have also filled a complaint for snap deal through AKOSHA but havent received any help or positive response from them as well. Requesting you to kindly Look into this case and help me in the best possible way.

    Thanks & Regards
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    I had order t-shirts - 2nos from Yebhi on 11th August, 2013. As per the information received from the service provider the expected delivery is within 3-4 working days. Its almost 10days Im not received any delivery of T-shirts. When I called to customer care of Yebhi.com they said they already dispatch the courier through Fedex Courier Services. No response from Fedex and worst from Yebhi.com.
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    Customer care in vashi of nokia, I had actually purchase mobile in feb first week and then after mobile in not working properly, I submitted nokia to repair for 5 times in six month and I spoke to them to extend my warranty as mobile is almost kept in nokia care for 1 month. And even though creating problem so not also used from 2 months. After talks they said it has physical damage.
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    I recently ported from Idea to Vodafone about a month ago and shortly after receiving my first vodafone monthly bill , my sim got damaged due to technical errors from the Vodafone team. After constant requests for about 4 to 5 days a sim was sent to me which was already damaged and the charges for the sim were added to my billl. Thereafter, again after about a week of calling the Vodafone customer care helpline a sim has been sent to me(ironically this time free of cost) and now i've been talking to alomst 10-15 employees my number has not been activated. Please assist me in suing Vodafone and taking them to the consumer court.

    please revert back to me at jain.sakshi@ymail.com
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    My name is Sumitra and the number that i am complaining for is 9160666098.
    I have a postpaid connection and the phone is on a monthly rental of Rs 50.
    Last month a bill was generated for 2650 stating internet usage charges.
    My phone previously had a blackberry plan which i got removed few months back.
    After that i never requested for any internet plan. Please advise why and how did the internet start and how can Vodafone charge me so heavily when i dont even use that number to even make calls.
    I called up customer care and they gave me some complaint number after which i did not get any update from them.
    Finally i called back after 15 days and i get to know the same story being repeated which was told to me on day 1.
    This is cheating the customers who do not even use internet.
    I request this be investigated thoroughly as vodafone is resorting to illegal activities in billing & taking money from the customers.
    My email address : sumsdear@gmail.com
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    order id: OD30820050488
    I have ordered 2 pair of sparx sandal and was estimated to get delivery on 23rd August 2013, but it arrived one day before on 22nd August, 2013.
    I got the text that it would be delivered before 7pm on 22nd August and i was ready with the cash but non of the delivery boy came that day.
    next day i checked the status it was mentioned that "Undelivered As Customer Not Available".
    next day i called customer care she said that they will again send the delivery boy but non of them came on 23rd August
    again i called in the evening they said they will deliver on 24th August no body came
    26 and 27 again i called no body came.
    today I wanted to gift that sandal to one of my best friend on his birthday but now i dont have anything to gift i thought i will be receiving today.
    but its really that something makes me annoying and angered.
    please provide me the resolution as soon as possible.
    Shipped : ekart Logistics
    Tracking ID: WSRC091774981
    Annu KUmar Sharma
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    i had airtel connection which i emailed them to disconnect on 6 th june 2013,they did not reply.i have email records to show that the connection was disconnected by bsnl the new service provider i shifted to.
    then i repeatedly called airtel to request them for disconnectiong my connection and they did not reply saying that it is in process,yhen they sent me a bill for 2 months saying i had been using their connection whereas i had disconnected the connection since 6 th june.
    then they sent me a legal notice for non payment of bills.
    still till date they have not confirmed that my connection has been disconnected.
    what is the gaurantee that they will not send me a bill for august as well?
    repeated requests to disconnect the connection are being ignored and no communication is being initiated by them.
    this is clearly harassing the consumer.
    kindly help me
    i wish to sue the company for unfair practices and sending me faulty bills for a connection which is disconnected for two months.
    kindly reply :radheyshyamsharma4@gmail.com
    i have all email records
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    This is arun, using airtel services on 9540171874 from last year.

    I never crossed the usage of around 250 per month. But from the last few days

    i am getting my usage alert of more than 600 rs. When i confirmed from the

    customer service, the lady anuradha, said GPRS has been used for only two

    days. When i asked her to mark a complain against the irrelevant charges

    because i never used this facility, she denied for taking my complain & she

    refused to give me the reference no. of the call. Moreover, she asked me to

    hung up the call or wait for somebody from airtel, who will call within four

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    Dear Mr. Rana,

    We regret the inconvenience caused. Our representative tried contacting you on the registered number however could not connect with you. Please be assured that we have taken a note of your concern and will update you on the further development of the case. An acknowldegement has been sent at your registered email address as well.

    We appreciate your patience.

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
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    I got an email from coca cola company that you have won a lot of money .is it true or not i do not know
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    i am doing my B.E civil , in a renowned institution. i had applied for educational loan for pursuing my carrier with degree. but whenever i entered into the IOB bank in my area to ask for loan their only answer is, "come by next week". i went around 5 weeks and they are not showing any response to me.
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    Tata Motors Limited
    Corporate and Registered Office: - Tata Motors Ltd., Jamshedpur Plant, Telco GM. S, Jamshedpur.
    Mr. Shitesh Yuvraj
    Manager HR at Tata Motors
    Jamshedpur Area, India | Human Resources
    CONT NUMBER: - 08527280225.
    Leadership with trust
    The Tata group comprises over 100 operating companies in seven business sectors: communications and information
    technology, engineering, materials, services, energy, consumer products and chemicals. The group has operations in
    more than 80 countries across six continents, and its companies export products and services to 85 countries.
    The total revenue of Tata companies, taken together, was $100.09 billion (around Rs475, 721crore) in 2011-12, with 58
    percent of this coming from business outside India. Tata companies employ over 450,000 people worldwide. The Tata
    name has been respected in India for more than 140 years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics.
    Every Tata company or enterprise operates independently. Each of these companies has its own board of directors and
    shareholders, to whom it is answerable. There are 32 publicly listed Tata enterprises and they have a combined market
    capitalisation of about $89.68 billion (as on August 7, 2013), and a shareholder base of 3.9 million. The major Tata
    companies are Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tata Power, Tata Chemicals, Tata Global
    Beverages, Tata Teleservices, Titan, Tata Communications and Indian Hotels..
    The Company has the following vacancy On Land-based Employment and Shipboard Employment A)
    Accounting/Auditing/Finance (b) Administrative and Support Services (c) Company Security (d) Cleaners (e) Customer
    Service/Call Centre (f) Human Resources (g) Drivers (h) Store manager (i) Sales Executive (j) Store Keeper (k) Chef (k)
    Marine Engineers
    (l) Electrical Engineers (m) Medical Director & Resident Nurses (n) Pharmacist (o) Cook / Chef There will be no interview
    required since this is manpower job where anybody is fit to work except at the health and management Sector where the
    company required at least first degree holders in job related. Email your CV to {apply@tatamotorsltd.in}
    This is the Entitlement, Benefits and Packages from the Company. Paid airfares, Transportation, Quality single or family
    housing accommodation in company community, free medical/dental care, Excellent educational assistance benefits, Life
    Insurance and Paid vacation and Maximum security in work environment and housing community.
    The company will give the applicants (employee) an accommodation that will last him for the period of two years in which
    their contract will last and it’s liable to renew it upon the company's agreement.
    The lowest salary among all job listed above is the post of Cleaners jobs which is US$28 (Twenty Eight Dollars)per hour
    and you will work for 8 hours per day and also there is a chance for overtime if you have the strength.
    With reference to your CV you are provisionally selected for the following suitable post. So that hereby you are asked to
    forward the particulars through email to the company for formal interview, also to choose your suitable working place and
    accordingly receive your company appointment job forwarding order and join the job without any delay except you are not
    Disposed to join immediately which we can arrange to in us at your convenient time. Your Resume has been selected from
    one of the various job sites we hire for our plant. The Company selected 32 candidates and general service Departments. It
    is our pleasure to inform you that your Resume was selected as one of the 25 candidates shortlisted for the interview. TheTata Motors Limited Company is the best Manufacturing Company in India; The Company is recruiting the candidates for
    our plants in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai and other city where ever you wants the job location in India . Your
    interview will be held at The Company Corporate office in Tata Motors Limited Jamshedpur Plant, Telco GM. S,
    Jamshedpur 10th of SEP 2013 at 11.30am, you will be pleased to know that of the 32 candidate’s selected 25 candidates
    will be given appointment, meaning your Application can be in progress to the final stage. You will have to come to the
    Company Corporate office in Jamshedpur. Your offer letter with Air Ticket will be sent to you by courier before the date of
    interview. The Company can offer you a salary with benefits for this post from 32, 000/- to 2, 50,000/- P/MONTH + (HRA +
    D.A + Conveyance and other Company benefits. The Designation and Job Location will be fixed by Company HRD at the
    time of final process. You have to come with photo-copies of all required documents on the day of interview.
    NOTE: Immediately produce via email the following necessary particulars along with this call letter with filling of your
    Name and qualification.
    A. All Educational qualification Certificates Xerox copies& latest CV (resume) 1 Copy.
    B. Passport size Photo (1no),
    C. Any One Identity proof (Family card/College ID card/Driving License/voters ID) Xerox.
    D.REFUNDABLE cash scan copy security deposit of Rs9, 550/-(Nine Thousand Five Hundred and fifty only)
    NOTE: Be informed that the Registration And Interview Processing & Maintenance charges payment which is 9,550/- INR is
    a refundable deposit wither you are selected in the company or not, and the amount should be deposited into the A/C of
    HR OF Tata Motors Limited because in the company a/c there is transaction is in huge. So your amount will go into the
    miscellaneous. So that why the company has provided you the a/c of hr and the account details will be provided to you
    on phone .so it will able us to send you your Air Ticket and other necessary documents required for the interview. Note: -
    you need to show us the copy of the deposit slip and offer letter on the date of your interview at the gate in-other for you to
    be allowed by our security officials into the company premises for the interview. After receiving the documents we will be
    sending the FORWARDING ORDER to the desired working location as well as suitable post which you preferred.
    Your exact salary will be made known to you immediately after the interview.
    This amount is accepted through cash deposit only into the account we will provide you upon response to this mail
    2. The above mentioned documents should be sent via email attachment. After receiving these documents we will send
    your JOB FORWARDING APPOINTMENT ORDER within 7 days through your mail-ID
    3. After receiving your job forwarding appointment order letter then you may directly go to branch office. You have only
    personal interview.
    4. All fresh candidates 1 to 3 months training period will be there. During that stipend provided. After 3 months salary will
    be increased.
    Follow the above mentioned terms and join for the job. For further enquiries contact the Phone number provided above.Below are the account details for payment
    Reasons of payment : The refundable payment of 9,550/- Rupees is being required from you as a measure we have taken
    to check bogus applications that we do receive, which means only seriously interested and ready clients will have to apply
    and receive our offer letter and flight ticket to destination and venue for the interview.
    Be informed that we will be providing you a two way ticket, accommodation and feeding during the period of the interview
    and aptitude test. And your security deposit will be refunded to you in its full amount immediately after the interview
    irrespective of you being shortlisted for the job or not. Payment is strictly by CASH DEPOSIT AS CHEQUE AND DEMAND
    DRAFT are not accepted because the security deposit will be in our custody for a short period of time and will be refunded
    to you in cash just immediately after the interview.
    As soon as the payment is made, please kindly send us the scan copy of the payment slip through email to this email id:
    apply@tatamotorsltd.in or confirmation and give us a call to that effect as it will help us facilitate the documents for
    sending your air ticket and other requirement for the preparation of your interview date.
    Corporate and Registered Office
    TATA Motors Limited
    Tata Motors Ltd., Jamshedpur Plant, Telco GM. S, Jamshedpur
    Group code no.TML-059
    E-mail: account@tatamotorsltd.in.
    Mr. Shitesh Yuvraj
    Manager HR at Tata Motors
    Jamshedpur Area, India | Human Resources
    CONT NUMBER:- 08527280225.
    (TATA MOTORS LIMITED © Tata Motors, 2013)
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    I bought a reliance net connect plus dongle on 30th june,from a reliance outlet in secunderabad.I had also submitted all the required valid documents for the verification process.Ever since I made the payment,I have been receiving inconsistent service reason being the verification process was invalid because the documents were not satisfactory.I was told to resubmit my documents,this is the fifth time that I did the same and I continue to receive the same service,there has been no change at all.they are not ready to take any accountabilty for their mistakes neither are they willing to refund the amount.I am a student ,I need these services for my work,I cannot keep running around for this process.Once it has been given,the services must be provided,however if they can't do the same,they should refund the amount.despite of repeated pleas no action has been taken.Such a poor response from a company like this was not expected.I request that action be taken against them immediately.
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    this is amit i have taken broadband connection from airtel in june month in kolkata.
    first of all they used to call every now and then for connection
    finally we decided we will take conection and went for advanced rental of 5500 for 5 month

    some one from airtel came to install connection and took away 6174 rs from us
    .after few days airtel people started contacting us to pay tax and said we had paid only 5500
    now when we went and asked customer care centre please help us in finding your agent who has taken money from us they said we are not responsible
    a big company like airtel is not responsible for its employees

    without informing they disconnected the line .because of that our work got impacted .you pay advance rental for 6 month and airtel people cant wait for 2 days also

    my broadband number 40047596

    airtel contact number :9339782670

    now they dont even refund our money also its kind of trick you pay money to authorised person and later on airtel dnt even takes responsibility
    if not that please refund our money dont take advantage of common people
    i have been literally mentally harassed trying to call that person
    i was forced to pay 675 rs extra
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    I was purchased a flat at Miyapur (Mathrusrinagar) from sai vigneswara constructions.At that time he gave me assurance before hand overing period he will completed the construction then handed over to me ,otherwise he will pay 10,000 rent for month.he made 4 months delay during time of hand overing he did noy pay me any amount and also he asked me to pay common meter (electrical) bills and other deposits. He made me and other flat owners more and more trouble .how can i teach him a lesson.
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    I bought a Reliance sim card from a Reliance' s dealer "M/s Hina Communication, Lucknow" in last week of June 13 by fulfilling all the formalities, such as filled up the form, submitted photograph, Address proof & ID proof. My number started to work in 48 hrs. but, after ten or eleven days my number got barred. Upon contacting to the Reliance Communication online, was told to contact nearest "Reliance world".I got my complain regd with Reliance world, Kapoorthala, Lucknow on 10th June 13 by submitting the same documents, photograph & filled the form once more. It took more than 15 days i.e. on 22nd July 2013, it started working.

    On 17th Aug 2013, Once again it was barred. Again, I brought the problem regd with Reliance world, Kapoorthala, Lucknow on 19th June 13. I started to visit to the Reliance world, Kapoorthala on daily basis. There, I brought my problem in notice to Ajay, Afaarool & even their head Mr. Ranjit Yadav. After ten days, on 27th Aug 2013, I was told to resubmit the documents once again, for the third time. on 28th Aug 2013 filled up the application form, submitted the same documents, photograph once more.

    But, invain, my problem remains as it was. Mr. Ranjit Yadav neither got my problem resolved nor able to provide the reason behind the Mess, I am facing.

    Hence, please let me know, what to do.
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    I bought a Reliance sim card from a Reliance' s dealer "M/s Hina Communication, Lucknow" in last week of June 13 by fulfilling all the formalities, such as filled up the form, submitted photograph, Address proof & ID proof. My number started to work in 48 hrs. but, after ten or eleven days my number got barred. Upon contacting to the Reliance Communication online, was told to contact nearest "Reliance world".I got my complain regd with Reliance world, Kapoorthala, Lucknow on 10th June 13 by submitting the same documents, photograph & filled the form once more. It took more than 15 days i.e. on 22nd July 2013, it started working.

    On 17th Aug 2013, Once again it was barred. Again, I brought the problem regd with Reliance world, Kapoorthala, Lucknow on 19th June 13. I started to visit to the Reliance world, Kapoorthala on daily basis. There, I brought my problem in notice to Ajay, Afaarool & even their head Mr. Ranjit Yadav. After ten days, on 27th Aug 2013, I was told to resubmit the documents once again, for the third time. on 28th Aug 2013 filled up the application form, submitted the same documents, photograph once more.

    But, invain, my problem remains as it was. Mr. Ranjit Yadav neither got my problem resolved nor able to provide the reason behind the Mess, I am facing.

    Hence, please let me know, what to do. My Reliance Mobile No. 9696563049
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    i purchased chevrolet sail sedan worth rs 6 lacs 2 months ago.you expect a new car to work fine atleast for good 6 months -1 year.you dont pay for the car but for comfort and trust in brand and you know it will not let you down come what may.for a middle class man it takes years nd years of saving to gather such a big amount of 6 lacs with lot of dreams attached to them.what if they are vanished or shattered within initial two months.

    It was 10 Pm friday night ,some might be coming from work ,some might be going to work,and some may be in the mood of clubbing partying but i was standing besides my so called brand new car and waiting for it to cool down with the bonet open so that i can drive back home .tried calling the chevrolet helpline few times but no response.

    no chevrolet service center was near by.just waited and waited..it was so embarassing and frustating .its only been 2 months and the car is getting overheated without any prior warning or notification.all of a sudden wheel steering became heavy ,gearbox clutch plate and brake sstarted to show resistance.atfirst i thought tyre has gone flat.but the tkhyre pressure was fine.i checked the screen to see if there is any warning or not...nothing found..i opened up the hood and annoyingly lot of heat was coming out which i had never sensed before.

    i do check the coolant level,engine oil nd other fluids in the car regularly.i got the first recommended check up done at 1000 kms..it only driven 3000 kms.already showing symptoms of great engineering...

    few people asked me which is better among sail,amaze and desire .undoubtedly i said go for sail.they will abuse me entire life for having taken this decision...

    i request you to either change this car or give me the refund..seriously i dont want this car anymore or may be no other general motor car..i am done..even if you repair it for me i will not be interested in keeping this and will be strong detractor.

    never expected this to happen in the first two months after investing 6 lacs.what an experience..i am gonna write to head or president of general motors whatever too and let him know of the facts.lets see how customer centric you are.

    "when life gives you more" now i understood .


    varun arora

  • ICICI PrudentialICICI Prudential Senior Member
    edited September 2013
    Dear Mr. Kuttappan,

    We understand our representative has contacted you and resolved your concern to your satisfaction. Accordingly, a communication has been sent to your registered email address. Is there anything else we may assist you with?

    In case of any clarification, please contact us on our Customer Care number 1860 266 7766 or write to us at lifeline@iciciprulife.com.

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
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    I have suffered financially and have been agonized - my mistake? i appointed this packer and mover to shift my household goods and car from New Delhi to Bangalore SOLELY on basis their ratings in internet. Hope you will not commit this mistake.

    About a month back, Sombier Choudhary (common man between Aryan packer and mover and delhi international) did an assessment of household goods, finalized the quote, goods were packed and were loaded in the truck. A person came and took my car to be transported in a carrier after finishing relevant paper works. Insurance amount was included in the final quote. About 40% advance was taken and delivery was promised within 7-10 days - all well till then.

    I came to bangalore and gave a call 12 days since my goods and car were sent from delhi. informed i had to vacate hotel within 2 days and would be shifting to a house - but the goods were not received within my sanctioned stay in the hotel from employer. "Sir, today evening the goods will be delivered", but never knew that evening would arrive after 5 more days. Had to extend the stay in hotel without any further support from employer.

    My car was handed to a sub-contractor for delivery. Delhi international gave the number of this sub-contractor and said i will have to follow with them to receive the car - as if it was not their responsibility! After calling for 3-4 days, the sub-contractor informed that the key socket of my car has been damaged and ordered me to take possession of my car from a place around 45 Kms from Bangalore city. On requesting for a car delivery till my house (as agreed in delhi), his words were - Let me see how badly you want your car back - you will come if you want your car.

    On reaching that place, i found my car to be in the same condition from outside but some one had fiddled with the key and kept on inserting and pushing it in the socket so badly that the key couldn't get the car started (steering was unlocked, ignition did not work). Seems, someone kept on inserting Maruti key in my hyundai car (as my car was sent with fresh maruti cars) in a drunk state - forcefully and incessantly. I had to take all pain to call a mechanic, then a tow-truck till the mechanic's garage. Got the car key socket and battery repaired. The bill was Rs 9500, completely on me, without any fault of mine.

    The household goods were delivered with broken sofa legs, torn kurl-on mattress, torn bean bag, broken shoe rack and other minor damages. If the remaining 60% payment was not made before the unloading could start, they would have taken the loaded truck back.

    I am tired of calling the numbers but now there is no response at all. To placate me at the time of delivering the goods, Sombier Choudhary had commited to send M a damager assessor from insurance company and to share 50% expenses incurred to get the car repaired. The car bill has been shared and many calls made managed to convert to miss calls. It has been days, soon the days will be weeks, but there is no response from delhi international packer and mover. I have suffered a loss of about Rs 32,000, over and above non-financial losses.
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    My smart card number 200674840209 & complain number 208233537 koi engineer nahi aya 4 din ho gaye costmor care wale kahte hai engineer jarur ayega lekin kab ayega koi jawab nahi deta lekin aj 4 sept.2013 ko mera 175rs balans kat liya costmaor care pe phon karne pe kahte hai engineer aa gaya apki problem solv ho gai jabki koi engineer hahi aya or balanse kat liya . Or ab kahte hai ki apka address galat hai.jabki 3 year pahle rdtv kharab ho gai thi tabhi engineer aya problem solv ki.jab se mera connection laga hai tab se maine apna address nahi badla hai.or ab costmor care wale kahte hai ki apne address change karwaye hai is karan hamara engineer nahi pahuch paya .maine connection lete time mera voter id ki copy di thi phir bhi rdtv walo ne address galat feed kar rakha hai to meri kya galti hai .mera balance refund karo .help me
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    I bought one wardrobe on 28th Aug from R T Furniture, C-10, Ground Floor, Sec - 10, Noida.
    They asked me for full payment including delivery charges and I gave them.
    They promised for delivery next day before 12pm which they even mentioned on bill in written.
    Despite following up with them, I got no proper response and they behaved very rudely.
    Finally, after many calls I received the wardrobe at around 4pm. At the time of purchase, things were clearly discussed about floor(4th) and they will send the product in parts and will assemble them at my home. But it was sent in one piece and the while trying to get it on 4th floor, the back side of the wardrobe got broken. The guy who was supposed to attach the mirror couldn't fit it properly as well. I told their carpenter to repair the broken part but he said he will have to come again and even the color was darkened to cover up scratches which they promised to remove through polish. I told them to come on Monday to repair as I was going out for weekend. On Monday, I visited their showroom and complained about all the things. The lady behaved very rudely and blamed that we didn't tell them the floor and all. After a lot of argumentation, they agreed to repair the wardrobe with a thicker ply and brighten the color with the use of thinner. The promise for repair was made on 2nd Sep. This was supposed to be done by 3rd Sep. But after so many calls on landline and mobile and daily promise of the carpenter visiting, nothing happened. They replied rudely over the phone everytime and every individual had its own story. There is no coordination among them. Everytime I had to narrate the whole story to different people and the result was same - zero. Even today i.e 7th Sep, the lady again promised that anyhow they will fix it and asked to stay at home but no one came. I called in the eve at around 6.10 pm to comfirm but got the reply from some guy that today it won't happen. They have humiliated me like hell and I feel like an ultimate loser losing my money, time and patience.
    Kindly help me with the same as I want them to learn a lesson for their deeds and want compensation for my humiliation and frustration.
    Mayank Sahu. Email - mayanksahu28@gmail.com
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