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    I have been fraud for Rs. 40,000/- by a person calling from PNB Metlife.
    On 2nd September 2014 I received a call from a person stating he is calling from PNB Metlife and discussed about my policy details. He referred to the mail sent by PNB Metlife with regard to the submission of KYC documents and stated that they are organising pick up for the same. Interaction with this regard lasted for around 3-4 days, and on 6th September 2014 a pick up person collected my aadhar card & PAN card photocopy along with a cancelled signed cheque for bank verification from me.
    But on 9th September 2014 my account was debited for a cash transaction of Rs. 40,000/- favouring a person called Kunal Laxman Raageshwari (as mentioned in his PANcard photocopy). The cheque issued by me was tampered and this fraud transaction was executed.
    So I seek your help to get my money back.
    Note: Seems there is a leakage in the data base of PNB Metlife, without which an unknown person, cannot have all my policy details , to trap me.
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    i have purchase a titan watch for Rs. 8095 on 16/04/2013 from world of titan, inorbit mall, vashi, navi mumbai. But after 1 month the watch stopped working so i have gone to shop for complaint / repair they asked my to come back after 30 days. and after 30 days i visited the shop they said my the watch was not working again so we sent it again for repairing and they gave me new date after 30 days. so again after 30 days i have gone to shop and finally my watch was there. so they gave my watch to me after match the correct time. but next day my watch get 10 minutes slow and this thing started doing every day and i got frustrated so i again visited to the shop and again they gave me new date after 30 days but after 30 days my watch was there and i bring it back to my home but next day i realise the same problem. so i again visited the shop after 1 week and they gave me new date.... got frustrated... but still my watch is getting slow after recharging... every thing is in vain.

    my watch model no is NC1573KM01
    date of purchase 16/04/2013 with 2 year warranty
    loyalty no 400205039763
    vat 27100690533

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    Hello Sir
    I had booked the ticket for Sept 3rd for my wife and kid travelling from Banglore to Goa.
    Due to certain circumstances, i had to do a date change from Sept 3rd to Sept 5th.
    The fare difference was 3288. I made the payment on Makemytrip site. The payment was 3299.
    When my wife and kid reached the airport, the Goair airlines declined to board them stating that the fare difference payment was not made. My wife without having any choice made the payment of 3300.
    Thereby, we made the payment double now. One on the makemytrip site and other at the Airline office in the airport
    Please find attached the Invoice i paid thrugh makemytrip site.

    Sir, i have called the makemytrip customer care on 5th Sept and they have informed me that they wil resolve the matter in 3 days.
    I got a refund confirmation mail also. But since then there was no action taken. Today its more than 10 days. I gave a call to customer care again and this time they are saying that the claim has been rejected stating that i had to make a fare difference. I said that i have made the payment and now they are asking me to submit the vouchers.
    I need to reiterate that my son is not keeping well and im currently abroad. This is a dispute between Makemytrip and Goair. They should sort this out. But I am being dragged into this.

    Sir, I am writing this to you with a hope that you would take a action on this.

    Please do the needful.

    Charles Nelaturi
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    Hi Team,

    On thursday(11 Sept 2014) i booked the e tickets from bookmyshow.com for Mary Kom movie 7: 30 PM show.
    I reached the movie hall at 7: 20 PM and took the tickets from box office.The moment i tried to enter the movie hall i was told that we are not allowed to take baggage inside the movie hall.It was certainly a shock for me.I went to box office and asked where shall we keep the bags.He said we can keep it anywhere outside , and they are not responsible for it at all.We had laptop in bag so we couldnt keep bag anywhere just like that.

    We were asked to have a word with manager ,with whom we persuaded like we have made a mistake by booking tickets for this movie hall.He told us just keep the bag near the checking system and dont worry.We kept the bag there and went for movie, but in between i came like 10 times just to check my laptop bag.

    My point is PVR plaza is one of the most reputed cinema hall in delhi and they charge well for a movie.While booking tickets online they at no place states that they wont keep the baggage.Or do they expect that everyone will come by car there( i dont think so ).
    Or do they want everyone to request there manager for keeping baggage .

    It was really mental harassment for me .I would like to PVR plaza management to change there policy or intimate people well in advance so that they book ticket accordingly.


    Hope it helps the people .
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    Subject-Complaint for Dealer Vijay Sales and TV Brand Panasonic
    Dear sir/madam
    I purchased 32'' colour panasonic viera LED TV(model A410D) worth 24000 on 22nd of august 2014.i got the delivery on 24th and the installation was done after a week.Firstly they proposed 3 different dates for installation for which my wife and i alternatively had to stay back at home to get the installation done.we took leave from the office and university 3 times to get it installed.After the installation TV was in orking condition merely for an hr after dat it got dead...we forged complain to the panasonic customer care..The technician took 2days to come and check the defect.Another 2 leaves from office..He told that the mother board has crashed,so we requested them to replace the TV as it is in the warranty period..my old parents are at home, and i bought the TV for them..Both of them are above 70yrs old..when we leave the house in the morning they are alone and have nothing for recreation..TV was the only source of entertainment for them..They were here for vacation but they suffered a lot because of their delay.Till date the replacement has not been done..we have made more than 100 calls and they have been promising and giving us dates on dates..Everytime we called they either did not pick up the call or simply made some excuses to delay the replacement..I took loan from my friend to buy this TV because it was not affordable for me,but i bought it only for my parents..I also took TATASKY connection,along with one month free subscription.I lost all free subscription time..My parents have been mentally harassed, and we too have lost our time and money..when finally they thought of replacing the TV almost after a month,which is today,they delivered a wrong model which was worth 22,000..And now again they are telling us that we need time to replace the original model.. But i demand my money back along with all the cost incurred including phone bill,travel allowance,free TATASKYsubscription. Itis merely a mental torture to us n my old parents who will leave in couple of days in anticipation.i pity n curse them who brought saddness to my old parents.

    This is to request you,kindly take some strict action against them,so that in future they will not b able to harrass any common man like me. I am here just fighting for my rights,with a hope from your end.

    Ejaz ahmed
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    I bought titan edge watch (Variant Number ND1296SM01) on 15/08/2014. (TIN:

    27030024327) (Doc No: 100003827) from The World of Titan Shan-Hira, 13, M.G. Road . This

    watch has a manufacturing defect and showed a time lag of more than 5 hours and I wore it just

    once. I took it to the above showroom on 13-9-2014 and showed it to the manager and demanded a

    refund or replacement and I was denied both saying that it is as per company policy. He took it to

    the Titan care in the second floor and the service guy after observation confirmed the defect and

    replaced the machine with an allegedly new one. The watch again showed a time lag of 30 min and I

    again showed it to the manager who again showed it to the service guy who again replaced the

    machine. This time the dial and front numericals are gold instead of silver. The explanation for this

    given by store manager is that they don't have the said item in stock. The store manager refused to

    give me in writing the service record and the note from the service guy.He said that I can leave my

    feedback on the diary at the counter and that is the only thing I can do. This watch has been a

    nightmare for me and I have faced tremendous mental harassment. I demand a refund of my money

    or replacement failing which I will lose trust in Titan brand and never recommend it to anyone.

    The staff attitude is very shocking and they act as if it does not really matter to them even if the

    customer is facing this kind of serious fraud. No one took cognizance of the matter and they don't

    seem to bother.

    Nitesh Shetty
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    Dear Sir,

    I have an airtel connection since many years my phone number is 9560483593
    I had activated 3G connection on 14th of august

    I had downloaded the settings through the message that i received
    I was busy so could not complaint regarding the pathetic internet speed.

    On 8th of august i had called the customer care on 121 and i was kept on long holds and they transferred between themselves and they said we are re sending the setting kindly save them and they were on hold while i was redoing the settings.

    They sent a message that within 30 mins it shall work; i waited for 2 days still it didnt work and i again called them, they disconnected the phone when i told them the problem and i would obviously scream at them for the services offered- i told them to refund the money as i am not getting the services that i subscribed to.

    They have the audacity to disconnect a cusotmer's call - who are they to disconnect a customer's call. This is ridiculous service provided by airtel- SO CALLED REPUTED FIRM having stupid employees in the CC office.

    I called them today on 15th sep between 10:30-45 pm and they agin kept me on hold and when i explained the problem and told i shall take it up with consumer forum and higher authorities, they said you do, this what airtel employees are thought to not consider and help the consumers.

    When the services are not provided on time and they deducted again the subscription amount of Rs 255 and services are no where to be found.
    I need my 3 G connection activated and action against the CC executives and a refund of the subscription amount deduction for last month.

    Kindly increase your service quality and Customer service executives handling of queries and help them instead of disconnecting

    Am a small customer for you but deserve a good answer.
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    Snapdeal did not provide with warranty card and when asked for that they are always saying give us 48hours which never come it has been almost 5-6 months I have been asking for the warranty card but they only believed in make a fool out of the customer and violate the rights of consumer
    I would like you to take a action against them
    And I require a compensation for this treatment .

    Vinayak Jain
    New delhi
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    Hi '

    Order ID: ODA6508178675OYFPL00

    I have placed order F gear backpack in flipkart on 2nd Sep 2014. I have paid amount Rs960 through credit card during the order time.
    The flipkart standard delivery has mentioned on 10th Sep 2014. Even after the promise date crossed no one has given any update. I have initiated call to customer care, and their information is making me annoying. They were telling that it has kept for hold/verification. Here I did not understand why it was kept on hold even after paying money in-advance. Just they were telling any thing to skip topic and want to disconnect the call. This is making me very ill, I have been waiting for the product from last 15 days.

    Please do the need full and I need compensation for their mistake and I want them to face loss how I am facing.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Irfan .
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    Travel Raga Holidays Pvt. Ltd. - A Name of Cheater

    Dear Sir, I have booked group travel package for Manali & Shimla from Chandigarh for 5 nights 6 days through Travel Raga Holidays Pvt. Ltd. The duration is 29th December, 2014 to 3rd January, 2015. they send me the itinerary mentioning hotels (Sitara International at Manali & Shingar at Shimla) and total package cost Rs. 76000/-
    After confirming of the package we had deposit through net banking an amount of Rs. 5000/- as token money on 08.09.2014 and they mail us receipt of the same and also they send me remaining payment schedule which is mentioned 2nd installment pay before 30 Nov. 2014 and rest amount during travel. After that they confirm our booking as a file number MUT0154 on the Merchant Website: travelraga.com
    On 13.09.2014 the travel agent demanding Rs. 25000/- extra for same package and send me another option which is mentioned very cheap hotels with high cost.
    Please take action against the company I can provide the details. Regards Anil Tiwari – 09828034037.
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    I went for a Eye check up for my parents to this so called reputed hospital "Dr. Agrawal Eye Hospital"dated 23/08/2014 with reference number BMH/54095/14, after completion of the eye checkup an eye surgery was suggested for my father.

    I asked for the reports from the hospital but the hospital denied providing the file. I had spent around Rs.3000 on the checkup, even then a single report has not been provided to me.

    On request, I asked them a formal report so that I can check for the mediclaim procedure they said they will provide the same, which they haven't done for the last 3 weeks.

    The reception people behave so rudely and disconnect the call in between, may be the hospital management had asked them to behave this way. Please suggest me, what is the action that can be taken?

    I want the reports to be shared back to me.
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    I ordered for an iphone case charger on the 3 rd of September 2014. I was told that I would take 10 days to get the product delivered. The Groupon voucher number is
    0010181H71. On the 10th day I got a message that there has been a problem at the vendor's site and the product delivery would be delayed. They have not yet replied.

    I filed a complaint with the company few days back and no action whatsoever has been taken. The complaint number is 1070568. It was filed three days ago.

    Today I filed another complaint 1074691. I hope that they would work on the service. I paid 999 for the product and I have to do so much of follow ups. I have wasted more time and energy than the money spent.

    Kindly resolve the matter
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    Dear Sir/Madam

    This is to inform you that i am Post Paid user of vodafone mobile services. Since march i am facing too much problem with my plan. Every times his/her executive commits me your plan has been changed. But when i received bill was different. Executive behavior is too much poor.They talking like nonsense people. They never provide me mail confirmation on plan changes. I am really fed up with this services. Whenever i plan for Portability, company commits me these issues would be never repeat.But i am facing this problem in increasing order.

    Hemant Kumar Jha
    MOb- 9015138695
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    Respected sir,

    I shifted my house stuffs from banglore to Solan (Himachal pradesh) in the month of July, and as per Packers and movers (Agarwal Express packers and movers) i have taken insurance also, Some major damages were happened during shifting for which i have complained to Packers and movers, but till now i am not getting any response from them, Pls take my case and resolve the issue and do the needfull

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    Hi I ported my number from airtel prepaid to vodafone postpaid. Whatever plan they told me. I haven't get any features like that. I tried many times for helps but now they are not listening to me. Even they didn't want to close my number as per my request. They said you have to pay for whatever plan. Why should I pay for a plan which I never bought. please help me.
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    I have transferred my Bike ( Bullet Enfield MH03-BP1674 )from Srinagar to Mumbai against docket No 406945252. When I had been for Pickup on 19th Aug, It was found that bike Fuel Tank has been damaged. There is an big Hole in the tank. I have received a call from Srinagar confirming that when bike was picked up it was in proper condition. Your team is not aware where it has been damaged.
    I was not ready to take the delivery of Bike but got [COLOR=#009900 !important]confirmation[/COLOR] from Gati that i need to take the delivery of Bike then they can go for Claim procedure. i have been continuously following up from 20th Aug. First they gave me claim form which i submitted from them i have been called n number of time but every time told that Mr Ravi will give a call but never called. Today after almost a month he tells that i need to get it through my Bike Insurance.
    I would like you to take up this matter with Gati as this Bike is mode of my Daily commute. I have been spending around 500 rs just because of Gati Negligence in [COLOR=#009900 !important]Handling[/COLOR]the consignment.

    Awaiting for your prompt reply. Details are as follows.
    Docket No : 406945252
    Complain No : 13210195
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    Dear Sir,

    Last Year on 26/7/2013 I have Bought a Godrej Eon Refrigerator from ABIRVAB ELECTRONICS. (Haringhata Nadia). For the last One year 1 month a Particular Electrical Item is getting faults Known as Timer. As I have to store Life Saving Drugs In my Fridge . The Life Saving Drugs are Getting Dammage . And Now the Service Center Guys Are Saying that Nothing Can Be done .

    Please Help..

    Model- GFE25SVTSN
    SL NO 13013700222J0TGS
    Arunava Dey
    Contact -9836666574
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    Respected sir.

    Iam Manoj and a Vodafone prepaid customerand my mobile number is 8017647173. On 16 September 2014, vodafone has deducted Rs 99.00 without my consent. On talking to the customer care they have given me unsatisfactory reply. You are requested to do the needful for refunding of my balance money.
    Thank you sir
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    Hi, My name is Achin Bhatia (Faridabad). I have renewed my car insurance policy through:
    Landmark Insurance Broker Pvt Ltd. Plot # 554,
    Landmark House,
    Nr. Mahindra Tower,
    Dr. G.M.Bhosle Marg, Worli (E),
    Mumbai - 400 018
    Maharashtra, INDIA
    Agent Name: Shyam Veer Singh Mob# 7834961075

    My policy was due on 13th Sept, I made the payment of Rs 9149/- through online from my Citibank account Gateway Id:
    28207062 [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]on 11th Sept, till date I have not received my insurance policy cover note. Every-time I am calling them they are making an excuse that there system is not working. From tomorrow onwards they are picking up my call. Today is 17th Sept & I still don't have my car insurance.

    Police have caught me twice because of Insurance i have spent on 1500/- on challan in last 3 days. I want my money back including the challan amount.

    Achin Bhatia
    Cont# 8800422661
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