complaint against Ebay India for not sending Item

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I had a good shopping experience on ebay till june 2012 when i bought a canon DLSR camera (ID: 120863115867) and opted for 500 GB portable hard disk with promotion (promotion name was bigdaddy).

But i never got that portable hard disk, everytime i called up they apologized and assured within a week delivery but it never happened.

I am writing here with a hope that someone looks at the matter as it's really cheating and that too by such a big brand.

Ebay ID is: naveen0301
Item ID: 120863115867

They also accepted their mistake on facebook but result is same.

"eBay India Hey Naveen, we are sorry for the experience you have had. We have noted down your issue and forwarded it to the concerned team. Kindly give us sometime and we will get back to you.
Naveen Sharma Hi, so is there any progress after 12 days???
eBay India Hey Naveen, we are on it and will dispatch your gift soon. Rest assured that you'll be receiving it shortly.
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Below is my email conversation with Ebay:

Naveeen <>

to incswebhelp
Dear Sir/Madam,
You have taken more than double time what you initially told me it will take.

It's been 125 days now and I am still waiting for the item.

I am writing you last time as you are not even replying and would be forced to take legal action.

This will just degrade your credibility and I will ultimately get my product but as you can understand that I have not done any business with ebay since that day and hope you will soon restore my faith.

Theft sould not be a characteristic of such a big enterprise but it's really unfortunate that I had to tell this seeing your vehavior.

I hope you will behave professionally this time and item will be sgipped with a proper response.

Naveen Sharma

On Aug 3, 2012 1:02 AM, "naveeen sharma" <> wrote:

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Date: Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Subject: RE: Reminder: Fwd: id: 120863115867

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RE: Reminder: Fwd: id: 120863115867


Thank you for writing to us. We’re happy to assist you.

We do understand from your email that you want to know the status of the gift redeemed under the Big Daddy Promotion.

We do understand that you are very much curious for the gift to be delivered to you but would as already informed you that as per eBay's timelines the gift would be dispatched to you within 45 days from the date when the offer ends i.e. 15th of June at your registered address. Our team is in the process of dispatching the gift. Once the gift is dispatched, our team will get back to you and provide you with the shipping details.

Please be assured that you will be receiving the gift from our end soon.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. Thank you for choosing eBay.



eBay India Customer Support


Original Message
Sent: 7/3/2012 01:20:52 AM
Subject: Reminder: Fwd: id: 120863115867

It's been more than 20 days and you are also not even replying.
What should i understand by all this???

I am really surprised to see worst services by ebay for last one month
specially customer support.

Forwarded message
From: naveeen sharma <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 00:17:42 +0530
Subject: id: 120863115867

Where is my HDD gift with this item, it's been already 15 days now.
Attaching screen shot of the order.

Thanks... :-)

Naveen Sharma


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    I purchased a product with Ebay India during the Ebay Promotional offer.As per the terms and conditions of the promotional offer i am elgible for the offer.I also got the confirmation before placing the order with Ebay CC executive.After the confirmation of EBay CC executive only i placed the order.As per the offer if we purchase in ebay FOR RS10001 and above by applying promotion code "FREEMOB123".We would be eligible for free mobile Nokia 105 which would be dispatched to our registered address.Unfortunately i didnt get the free mobile even my order value was more than Rs10001.I also applied the code mentioned above before placing the order and also got my multiple questions confirmed by the CC executive of Ebay India.After multiple follow ups with them I was informed that i am not eligible for the free mobile that too after two months of my date of purchase.They didint even bothered to get back to me.I only followed up with them many times.My ebay id is mpra7980.Ebay promotional offers are fraud as they dont stand by the conditions what they say.Please do fix the same Consumer court Inida.I would have applied some other promotional offer and would have save atleast Rs500.
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    I have order a lighter on date 2/10/13. Still i dont get my lighter.
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    Sir I had ordered for a Seagate hard disk on 05 Aug 13.(PaisaPay ID 34214600395). Despite repeated reminders to ebay and vendor (ibsbespokesolutions)they are not delivering the product. vendor is saying that they do not have the stock of item and they have not received the money from ebay. ebay is saying that they have given the money to vendor. So, now I don't have the money or the product. Kindly guide its been long wait for me.
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    I've ordered Nokia 108 mobile last month(22/05/2014) from EBAY and I've didn't receive the item yet.Waiting more than a month and no response from seller and EBAY. It's really frustrating and worst experience inEBAY. I've sent the mail n times and tried to contact EBAY customer support(never seen this type of worst customer support) through chat and Phone and didn't get any proper response from them.

    I've opened the refund claim and that's also still open.

    Here below my transaction details.

    Claim ID: 521975
    PaisaPay ID: 36413681609
    Item number: 111336907702
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    it was first and very bad experience experience with E bay and there seller "reliableenterprise", selling non working losed pack items.
    Ebay Guaranty also useless do not believe on ebay products,
    i purchased one Motorola Battery and its not working, i called to ebay opened ticket but that also useless.
    all this is to dup the customers.
    seller says anything reasons and says he cannot take and cannot replace. your phone have problem.
    and customer care center told me battery is not working need to replace original battery.

    item details

    PaisaPay ID: 36764979407
    Item number: 221485211372
    Seller ID: reliableenterprise
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    My PaisaPay ID 37022327485.
    I got This Product on 13.08.2014.
    It was not as described. this phone is Network Locked.
    But before buying they told that this is Fully Unlocked but what i got is Locked Phone.
    Ebay is not Giving Proper Response. They Are Telling to Contact Seller , when i Am Contacting Seller They Are Telling To Contact Ebay.

    Please Do The Needful.
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    I had ordered a Nokia Asha mobile phone via PaisaPay ID 36978419400 on 4th Aug. I had received a reply next day from seller mobileking2015 that the item will be shipped and delivered by 17th Aug 2014. On 17th Aug, the status was changed in the site as delayed. I had raised a refund claim for not receiving the item with details below:

    Claim ID: 611469
    PaisaPay ID: 36978419400
    Item number: 181481115764
    Rs 4050/- (Paid via net banking)

    I had contacted Ebay customer service through chat twice, but till date there is no resolution to the complaint also they are not bothered to reply to the mail I had sent. As per Ebay, the amount will be kept with them until the item is delivered to the customer. Surely Ebay is cheating me by not doing a refund and nor providing with the item I had ordered. Ebay guarantee is just to fool people like us.
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    I have faced a very bad experience from Ebay India, I have purchased a mobile Flip case book for Karbonn A100 on 5th September14 and the delivery date was mentioned 13th September14.I received a message from ebay that my product has been delivered to my address.But till date I haven't received the product.When I called customer care and they said that my product has been delivered on 9september.I immeidiately raised a complaint and ask them to deliver my product .they assured me that your purchase is in ebay gaurantee and you will definitely receive the product and if it is a couriour company fault then also they will take action against them.On the very next day I again received the message that your claim has been rejected.

    I again called customer care and spoke to their manager and supervisor and they clearly said that your product has already been delivered that is why your claim has been rejected.

    @er mistake and fraud by the company.Who is responsible for this.No one can purchase any Item from ebay if they are doing such kind of mistakes and fraud.

    I want my product to to be delivered or return my money at the earliest or give me compensation at the earliest.

    Kindly do the needfull

    Details are as follows:

    Claim ID:647846
    Paisa Pay ID:37303719680
    Amount:Rs 275(Paid by debit card)
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