HDFC Credit card harassment

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Complaint Against Credit Card No: 5289455003600621
Card Holder Name: Arti Varshney

I want to file a complaint against HDFC CC Dept. and against the HDFC bank. The CC agent have pushed me a credit card with a limit of 35000.00 (Thirty Five Thousands only). I have use the card as well as I use to make the payment of the due amount, but when they told me that there was a fine on my account then I ask for the card statement from them which they or HDFC bank has not sent to me, but they were sending my statement to some other address. I asked them to check my contact details for the credit card statement, there in the mentioned details my contact number was wrong and at one place it was right, because of that mistake i was not getting any notification for my due amount. After that i complaint against that problem, they made me wrong.Then I thought to close the credit card and ask for the full and final settlements to the Credit Card agent who called me on my phone. I told him to come to my house or even I asked him where I have to come for the settlement for the credit card, he told me that he will come to my home which was register with HDFC bank, but no one came. after that regularly I use to get calls from the recovery agents (Credit Card agents) and they use to give threat to me and uses abusive languages, when they use to call to my brother then they use abusive language and use to give threat which is very sad. whenever i got a call from cc agent, I use to pay the amount told by the agents. After that when I asked to the manager from HDFC Bank Ansals Rajouri Garden new Delhi to do the full and final settlement they did some full n final settlement which is around Rs 6900 and the agent came to my office same day and I gave the amount Rs 2540 to that agent (on some Date in Nov 2012), But after commitment of a full n final statement and letter they didn't send me a letter and next month also i have paid Rs 3400 to the agent when he called me for the same but still i didn't get any settlement letter from them.

Now again after 1 month in 2013 from january starting of the month the cc recovery agents started to call me again for the payment, They said that they are calling from HDFC bank Ansals Rajouri garden new Delhi, and now they are saying that I have to pay Rs. 30012.89, I don't understand for what reason. I again told them that i have already done a settlement for the cc i have used even I spoke with a senior person there, but I haven't got any settlement letter yet from them nor any document, Again when the cc agent name Ms. Sudha called me I told that I want to speak with the Manager only then he transfer the call to him after a long request, I told the manager that send me the details and the conversation with the last call for settlement but he told me that he can’t send any details and conversation he told me for the full and final settlement and I was not agreed this time because i have already paid the amount the last agent ( Ms Supana) asked me for. I asked him what I have to do to close this account, and He told me to pay the rest of the amount i. e. Rs 30012.89, after that the case will get close, I again asked him to send me the full n final letter and told him to send the person to my place But till today no one came for the same and they use to call me again and again. Ms Supna(The agent who had done the full and final settlement for my credit card) has given me her personal contact num and she told me that if i will face any problem regarding the same then she will help me out, but she left from there and joined some other organization. Now i am not able to find anything regarding the credit card i have used, and when i called to the agent (Supna) on her personal contact number, she told me that she has already done the full n final settlement and processed the same for my credit card account.

So I would like to know from the HDFC bank authority is this the way HDFC bank runs its business by harassing the people. Does this way the HDFC bank able to retain their customers or attract new customers?
Sir/Madam, I am not in the position to pay such a big amount. I have already paid the amount for full and final settlement only Rs 1300 are left . If any more force will be done by the HDFC bank , or their associates including the recovery agents to pay the Rs.30012.89 then I will bound to commit suicide and the entire blame will be on the HDFC bank.
So please look into this matter seriously and stop harassing the people. Looking forward for some positive/ motivated reply and an action from HDFC.

Thank you,
Arti Varshney


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    When I already have done the full n final once why they are not sending my letter and asking again and again for money.

    What they want actually??? I am seriously fade up with all these bull shits. please help me out. Is there any way to get rid from this problem. I will be really very thankful.

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    Respected Sir/Madam,

    My name is Adarsh Mutha. My brother(Akshay Dilip Mutha) holds a HDFC Bank Credit Card. He has some dues to it. We don’t have any communication with him from past many days. Due to his dues HDFC Bank Credit Card Department is harassing me and my mother for the payment. Today (09th August 2013) a person named as Vishal from HDFC Bank Credit Card Department came to my house and was talking in a higher tone to my mother and was asking to pay the dues. My mother is old and she is having Blood Pressure problems. Due to my college I am not there at home during day hours. This person Vishal told that he will come tomorrow (10th August 2013) again at our residence. Due to this our whole family is affected and we are passing through a mental trauma. Please take severe action against this person as we the family members do not hold any dues but still they are troubling us for the money.

    Yours Truly,
    Adarsh Mutha
    Sr.No 23/7, Plot No. 5, Shri Hari Co-op Housing Society, Shreedharnagar, Dhankawadi, Pune - 411043
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    I need to bring to your attention my experience as an HDFC Bank customer.

    My Name is Aamir Baig residing at Mahal, Nagpur 440032. I was using an HDFC Credit Card which is about 1-2 years old and due to some problems with the bank I had stopped paying the credit card dues. After about 4 months. Because I am jobless for now and have no other mode of earnings. I have updated the same to the Collection department multiple times.
    But still I am receiving a harassing call from HDFC recovery executive who is not ready to tell his name whose cell no is +91-9657525252 and he started threatening me. He claimed he is calling from the HDFC Legal team and said that I have dues which I need to pay and I informed him that I have already had a discussion for final settlement with executive but still he started threatening me that he has my home and office address and he is going to come and beat me and my family up and will ensure that I pay the amount or he will create a nuisance in my office and ensure I get kicked out of my office.
    I am not sure what to do at this stage as I fear the way recovery executive has been calling and threatening me and calling my family members. They are using statements like “Go and commit suicide if you don’t have the strength to pay the debts”.
    These are not the only statements that the bank executive used, but were also accompanied by an offensive and abusive behavior and language, which is legally and ethically against the Human Rights and Indian Penal Code.

    I would request you to kindly advice if I should file an FIR against HDFC Bank and Recovery Executive. I am not sure at this point how to get rid of this guy who has been harassing me.
    We hope that you take note of this experience and help us.

    Appreciate all help & support.

    Aamir Baig
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    Dont worry they do not anything
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    I have been harrassed by the collection agent for the credit card out standing amount borrowed by my husband. They even called my workplace to threaten me to pay up. Please somebody guide me. Can they harrass me instead of my husband can I file an FIR?
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    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Myself V.Pradeep Kumar holding credit card number - 4617865500591683 had a payment due of Rs.3076 for Aug 09th and the payment was delayed for about 9 days till Aug 18th 2014 as i thought of closing the entire outstanding payment due. In this case I received a call from Arul working in Nelson Manickam road branch of HDFC and asked about the payment. I told him that the payment will be made on Monday 18th Aug. Monday morning I received a call from the same person asking for payment for which I told that am on the way to bank to make the payment.He again called me today by 10.15 AM & I asked him why he is calling again and informed that am on the way to the bank as the bank will be opening by 10.00 AM. He replied that you are telling lie that you are going to the bank and also told that the bank will open by 09.00 AM itself. He asked me if you are not able to pay the bill amount correctly for the first 3 months by using non-parlimentary words. He gave a grace time to me till 12.30 PM to make the payment or else he told that he knows the way of collecting the payment.

    I asked where he will collect the payment other than me and he told that he will be going to my permanent address in Neyveli township and collect the payment there. At present am residing in chennai. My present address and billing address is no where related to that.

    The highlight is that I have not failed to make the credit card payments before the due date till this month.
    I paid Rs.14200, My total outstanding amount as on date by 11.00 AM.

    I want a clearance for the below issues.

    Is there a rule that to talk rudely to person who is delaying to make full settlement of outstanding dues by just a week.
    Do you give training to persons to use non-parlimentary words while talking to a customer.
    Do you threaten the customers by Gundas.
    Dont you teach your CC's how to speak with your customers.
    Is this the way you treat the customers holding salary account in your bank for more than 3 years.

    NOTE : If Am not going to get a proper reply for this I have decided to go legally against the credit card collection by giving a criminal case & file a Defamation case against it.
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    I want to file a complaint against HDFC CC.My card no is 4346781014079255.I have been paying minimum amount every month.I am in touch with a person from HDFC Mr.Rajesh shetty.I have never opted for any settlement with HDFC for my Credit card.Now they have updated on CIBIL as my score is negative.This is horrible.Please HDFC stop doing such stupid things.
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