Complain against Indian TTE

Dear Sir,
Sir I have made a sleeper class ticket on 17/11/2009 through IRCTC for the day of journey 17/11/2009.I have paid through SBI debit card.IRCTC provide me a sleeper class ticket PNR no-6334526942 and my Transaction ID is -0160266633.I have taken a print out of this ticket for my journey but On the way of journey the TTE told that this ticket is not a valid ticket and charges a fine of Rs-330/-.When i login to IRCTC and check my ticket status that shows chart available but TTE told that there is not a such ticket or PNR no in our chart that is why they have charge a fine for the Rs 330.
I don't understand that why they have charge me unless i have a valid ticket.Is there any fault of IRCTC or Indian Railway's TTE.
Please look into my matter and give me a proper way what should now i can do.
Thanks in advance.
Binay Kumar Shaw


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    alongwiuth the ticket you have to carry your orginal Id then only that ticket is valid i think TT has fined you forthat please confirm
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    The Railway Minister,
    Rail Bhawan,
    New Delhi

    Subject: Complaint against TT K. S Kharatmal Exp .Train no. 2115
    Dated 8th Oct 2009 from Mumbai to Kurduwadi junction (Sholapur)

    Respected Sir,

    I am very very upset to TT who covered his job from Mumbai. My Mother & brother was travelling in train (Siddeshwar Exp) I had booked their ticket throw internet and ticket was got RAC 71 in (s8) on 8th oct. I had gone there to tell them see off. That time tt was in compartment he was checking the passengers ticket after doing some work he came up to us to check our ticket. We show him our eticket
    He was asking about identity proof. We show him my mothers & my brother’s id proofs them. Then he told ok not in issue. Then journey started after some station gone I think in khandala he and his colleague TT they were 3 persons was telling to my mother & my brother get down here or give 2000 rupees fine because u are carrying id proofs Xerox copy not original. All three was speaking rudely with my mother and telling them apologize us or get down here. The time was approximately 1 to 2 p.m. They was not carrying that much of money they are ready to get down & finally they get down at khandala station .After some passengers request & My mothers & brothers request they allow to travel them.

    Is this manner to talk to lady?

    Are railway minister Respected mam MAMTA BANERJEE & railway board given permission to behave them like this?

    Is railway board given them training to check Ticket like this.

    Dear Mam/sir Ur Honorable person of our country so plz plz look in to the matter.

    I request you to take proper action against them. If India is democratic country.

    Yours faithfully
    Aslam Shaikh
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    It’s nothing new to hear about TTs in India railways taking bribes. But, it made me to write and make you aware about this instance because of two reasons that affected my thinking. First and foremost, the cruel guy (TT) did not clear the RAC of the old couples in the age group of 70s and made them to suffer throughout the night and secondly, it changed my thinking that the TTs in the South Indian Railways are less corrupted that those in the north.

    This is in reference to my travel from Kachiguda to Bangalore on 26th of June 2010 by Train No- 2785 in S-12. I came across the situation where the train was running with RAC and there were few empty seats where passengers did not board in S-12. Now, it was the first and foremost duty of the TT to clear the RACs. But, he preferred to take bribes and allot the empty seats to wait listed and general ticket holder candidates. He did even got pity on a family with very old age couples who were holding RAC. The family members were M Balsubramanyam (63 RC), B Annapurni (63 RC), K Padmavati (71 RC) and B Krishna (71 RC). Their ticket number was 3054808 and PNR was 141-1975534. As I witnessed, the TT took the bribes ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 each from wait listed and general ticket holders. In spite of taking this money from them, he did not even bother to issue the fee receipt for the difference of amount for those general ticket holders.

    I hope the readers in the Indian railways, possessing the power to take the action, might be honest enough to take some hard steps against these corrupt TTs in Indian railways.

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    Respected Sie
    i beg to say that when i was coming from jammu tawi to bharthana via Muri Express 8102 ,i have e- ticket on Amritsar Railway Station An tt came & ask For Ticket i show the ticket & ask for ID proof than i show's my marksheet of 10 passed xerox yhan he say to me show mw your identity card i told him that i have lost it during the journey of vaishno devi than he say TU KYON NAHIN GIR GAYA on that time my uncle had gone for toilet so he charged onme Rs 1160 but my uncle has id proof as Driving Licence but the train was started to leave the platform so he say to me that leave the train or give the money so maine usko paise de diye uske baad mere paas ek bhi paisa bhi nahin bacha usne jabrdasti mere se sign karaye aur ye likhaya ki mere pass id proof nahin hai
    iske baad usne mere ko 7 seeton me se matra 4 seeten hi deen baki 3 ko usne dusre passanger's ko750 rupye lekar bench diya

    i have 13 witness of that incident
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    Dear Sir
    Actually in Indian Railway's TTE is not working for there duty.They have work for outsource income.If our waiting is 1 after that they have alloted sear to general ticket holder'bcz some persons r missed there train. They have alloted this seat to another general ticket holder after geetinng fine and they have do'nt give any reciept to general ticket holder.They have alloted this seat to general ticket holder,they r not showing that this person has missed there train.They r working for money.Then why we have reserved a ticket in waiting list??Dear sir plz take any necessary action against all TTE and make another rule for ticket confirmation for TTE.Bcz they r not working as a emp;oye .They r rcurrpted.

    Thanks and reg.
    Naresh Malik
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    ham bhe tt ban ke aisa he paisa khayuga ,,,hihihi aba tt ka kaam hi yahi hai ,,,they r gud social worker
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    Respected Sir,

    1. I am a serving soldier and presently posted with Headquarters 5 Mountain Division, c/o99 APO (far border areas in Eastern Provinces). I have been posted to this Headquarters from a Highly Active Field Area where I was assigned the anti-terrorism duties in the deep borders of Jammu & Kashmir valleys.

    2. I would like to narrate the incident dated 03 January 2011 for your appropriate action as deemed suitable. I got reserved my seat reserved to travel by Kalka - New Delhi Shatabdi departing from Ambala Cantt towards New Delhi at 0738hrs on 03 Jan 2011. However, due to few jams (while travelling from Bhatinda (my home town) to Ambala Cantt) I could not catch the aforesaid train. When I reached at the Ambala Cantt Station the train was gone. Since I was to catch the ARMY COURIER FLIGHT from New Delhi to join my duties on the same day, I purchased another “GENERAL” class ticket to travel from Ambala Cantt to New Delhi and decided to board JANSHATABDI Express, which was ready to leave Ambala Cantt at 0855hrs on 03 January 2011.

    3. While boarding the train I asked the TT on the platform about availability of seat, which he intern told that there is no seat available in the train and the entire train is FULL. However, one of four other army jawans (who were also going towards New Delhi) told me that "Sir, there are few seats vacant in the train, and we will request the TT to make the ticket paying surcharge on our present tickets" and thus we all boarded the train at D-3 coach (where almost 8 – 9 seats were seen vacant).

    4. Sir, when the train got started the same TT (who was neither wearing his NAMEPLATE nor any BADGE) came in the coach (D-3) immediately at the Ambala Cantt stn and asked us to go to toilet side. Then he shouted upon us there and asked us to pay Rs 554/- each for boarding the train with the penalty (which is beyond our imagination as also contradictory to the railway rules). After that he gone to check other coach and came back after 2 - 3 minutes and demanded us to pay Rs 200/- each which we paid and he told go and occupy the seat wherever the seat is vacant which we did (I have the video clipping of this entire episode intact, while the TT accepted the bribery). He did not gave any RECEIPT for the Rs 1000/- (@ 200/- each for we five soldiers) I have paid.

    5. When the train reached next station, I asked the TT for the receipt of Rs 200/- he shouted arrogantly upon me and humiliated me by saying I brought you in the train. He refused to give any receipt for our hardcore earned money. He along with another TT (who incidentally was wearing the BADGE and NAMEPLATE, but due to darkness there I could not see anything) shouted upon me that nothing can be issued for Rs 200/- each (which we paid to the TT wearing the spectacles). I also do possess the entire video clipping of the above conversation.

    6. In view of the above you are requested to investigate the matter and arrange to refund us our hardcore money ASAP.

    7. Also imagine if these clippings are given to the media how much damage will be done to the entire image of INDIAN RAILWAYS, when you all are involved in “Damage Control” process.

    8. Awaiting your prompt and soonest reply to enable me to raise the issue at the appropriate agencies, with the VIDEO TAPES as quoted at Para 5 and 6 above).

    Thanking you in anticipation, Sir.

    Yours sincerely,

    Subedar Wagh Sanjay

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    Dear Sir,

    I beg to draw your kind attention for charging excess fare Rs1470.00 by TTE at Yasbantapur Stn in spite of having geneuine ticket (Pan No-412-9302264 dt. 23/05/2011) on 23/05/2011 for journey from Yasbantapur to Howrah Boarding at yasbantapur as per my ticket.
    Please note that I have purchased a tatkal ticket on 21/05/2011 at Katpati Stn for journey from Yasbantapur to Howrah on 23/05/2011(Ticket No-62255582) in the train No-12864.Naturally there was mentioned Boarding at yasbantapur Stn. in the Ticket. But TTE was pressing me to pay Rs1470.00. Otherwise he threatened me to get down from the train.
    Please look into the matter and take appropriate action so that I may get refund it and also take action against TTE for harassment as I have no fault.
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    i thought TTE are of a class IV promotee post with a Grage pay of some 1900 to 4200 at the time of retirement. By going through all the quotes written above. Please tell me when is the next exam for TTE. let me also try that. Huge money isn't?
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    it happen dear,
    TTE bechare bahut gareeb hote hain ye sale to apni maa se bhi piase le sakete hain.
    i u have mobile then take a picture & send to DRM at near Zone with complain. remember that always send complain to DRM & write in complain book.
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    Dear Subedar ji,
    first of all u have to give complete money 554/- (Fine) as per his booklet chart & take recipt as usal. So ur hardcor money will go to goverment but u pay 200/- each that y he is not giving any reciept becouse that complete money will go his pocket. all tte are doing same.. being a indian u shd pay complete fine that will utilize for nation but less will utilize for TTE's children.
    aap to army wale ho to aisa per bechhari poor janta ki to ticket bhi dekhne ke bahane faad deten hain aur bina ticket ke penalty banate hain aur agar kuch bolo to train se uttar dene ki dhamki or GRP ko bulane ki dhamki bhi deten hain.... very trained & syncronised ye TTEs.
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    Dear Subedar ji,
    first of all u have to give complete money 554/- (Fine) as per his booklet chart & take recipt as usal. So ur hardcor money will go to goverment but u pay 200/- each that y he is not giving any reciept becouse that complete money will go his pocket. all tte are doing same.. being a indian u shd pay complete fine that will utilize for nation but less will utilize for TTE's children.
    aap to army wale ho to aisa per bechhari poor janta ki to ticket bhi dekhne ke bahane faad deten hain aur bina ticket ke penalty banate hain aur agar kuch bolo to train se uttar dene ki dhamki or GRP ko bulane ki dhamki bhi deten hain.... very trained & syncronised ye TTEs.
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    i have booked my tickets from bhopal for two way from Bhopal to Jammu and return thr e ticketing. we got the confirmation from Bhopal but from Jammu we got partially confirmation. As per rule we permit to board so we did, and starting following TTE for confirmation against RAC. Upto Ambala station we were continuously following them but he didn't turn up. we have observed that he has allowed some people from Jhalander and then from Ambala because of their influencial position. My train detail are:

    Date of hourney from Jammu: 8Sept2011

    No. of pessenger: 2

    Status of ticket: 1. RAC AND 2.WL 1

    TTE NAME : Mr. Sharma and other changed from Ambala.

    I think officials have to take serious action against TTE.

    Vikram G

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    I have made a journey from TENALI to secunderabad on 01.11.11 to attend a marriage on 03.11.11 by delta fast passenger with PNR No.1252891873. Thereby I had to attend another function at CUMBUM on 05.11.11 for which I performed journey by road.

    In return, I traveled by passenger train on 05.11.11 with ticket No. 11387092/5.11.11 from CUMBUM to GUNTUR and thereby traveled by Superfast express NARAYANADRI express train which is running from SEC to Tirupathi. I have purchased a ticket for performing journey from GUNTUR to TENALI vide ticket No.11084895/5.11.11. While we reached the platform with my family members, my wife and children aged 9 and 6 years after getting the ticket, the announcement has been declared that the train was ready to departure. Having with the knowledge that we couldn’t reach the general compartment before the train move, we have step into the Reservation compartment No. S-11 and stand near the Toilets without making any inconvenient to the other passengers. Soon we enter the compartment, the train has made a move.

    After some time, the TTE of the compartment has arrived and requested us for ticket. I have produced the ticket and requested to allow us to be in the compartment till next station which is TENALI , our destination, as we enter into the compartment inevitably. Then, the TTE has demanded Rs.100/- towards bribe. He has not heard of any of our requests, words and simply demanded Rs.100/- or else we were sent to other compartment. Under such circumstances, I have given Rs.100/- to him. He has not given any receipt in token of receipt of the money and gone away.

    My children aged about 9 and 6 years, later have asked me, why the TTE has demanded the amount. I have answered that the he has taken the amount towards BRIBE. For their question of the meaning of bribe, I have answered that it is nothing but for the encashment of the circumstances of one’s who was under pitiable juncture.

    No doubt, the incident not only damages the image of the Railway Department but also disturbs the minds of my children who are developing to be the future citizen of our country. The ill incident could not be erased from their minds except with if the delinquent is punished.

    In view of the above, it is requested to initiate suitable disciplinary actions and impose punishment as deemed fit against the TTE. We all present and give our witness, if we called for.


    DATE OF JOURNEY 05.11.2011 at 23.30 hrs.
    NAME OF THE TTE : Not known( not keep up his badge)
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    The Railway Minister,
    Rail Bhawan,
    New Delhi

    Subject: Complaint against TT TamilNadu Express .Train no. 2621
    Dated 11th Nov 2011 from Chennai to Vijayawada

    Respected Sir,

    I am very very upset to TT with a tilaka on his forehead, who covered his job from Compartment S2, Chennai. One of my friend booked tickets through e-ticket, and one of the member in the E-Ticket has an ID Prof. He asked the ID Prof for all the members, if that was the case, then why it is written in e-ticket to have one ID Prof fine ? I asked the same to the TT, then he hold my COLOR, and Spoken VULGAR Words in Tamil , and called me Bastard and all. In angry after he hold my color, i called as What the Fuck you are doing with Passengers ? Nothing i spoke more than that. Then he came on me to beat and told that all ANDHRA PEOPLE are frauds except Tamilnadu, He called me BASTAURD, ANDHRA DOG and He is Speaking and Scolding With foolish and bad words. IS THIS THE WAY, TO TALK AND BEHAVE WITH PASSENGERS ????

    I was really upset and mentally were disturbed. I dont know whether you will consider my request or not! but who is responsible for the loss happen to me ?

    Yours faithfully
    Hem Kumar
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    respected sir 2656145038 pnr no ths is my pnr no till nw my is nt been refunded so kindly help
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    The Railway Minister,
    Rail Bhawan,
    New Delhi

    We had booked 4 tickets in Orrisa Sampark Kranti for the 15th May'12. The tickets were booked on 13th May'12 against the against the PNR No. 2702342374.WHen I booked the ticket this was in the waiting list, which on the day of travelling was in the RAC List 4,5,6, and 7.
    We were alloted 2 berths against the four tickets booked.
    Normally one should expect RAC holders to be provided seats against any cancellation or no show of passengers. However even after request( as of the 4 tickects booked, two were senior citizen, of which one was suffering from high fever) the concerned TTE refused to allot berths. The reason given was that that no seats are available. However to our shocking surprise there were seats available which was being assinged to people offering handsome money to the TTE. Even when I highlighted this to the TTE, who said he was L.N Das from the Bhubaneshwar Headquarter, he said he is doing nothing wrong, and one can complain to any authority in this regards
    I would request you to take strong against the said TTE who being a Railway Employee treats railways as his property in exploiting passengers who have paid for their comfort much in advance, rather filling his own coffer by alloting berth to people whom offer him money.
    Also would look forward for a redund of the fare for the inconvience caused.
    Sarita Kamal
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    me and my parents and brother were returning back home from some station the place we were our bogie was going to come but when the train came to the station the bogie was closed , there was no attendant in the train , in emergency we climbed to some othe compartment , please look out to that the train door should be opened at the station , if our train would have missed what would happen .I would be thankful to you . please reaply me on my e mail adress
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    Dear sir,

    I and my spouse who is a handicapped person have taken reservation from tirupati to rajahmundry on 27/05/2012, 8.00pm but we have not confirm berths and we have waiting list of 14 and 15. I dont want a berth for myself, i request to tte (s1,s2,s3 coach) please 1 seat for my handicap wife, but he has says no seats and no berths, go and waiting that bathrooms outside, what the hell is it sir. I am not a free travelling person I am taken reservation ticket, what type of persons is there in our railway . no mercy in handicap persons, he is taken bribe in my face and alloted seat for some one person, I am asked to that but he says he is RAC person, he is a lier, and he is not born with 1 mother and 1 father. I am feel very heavy heart, I am asked to you also, why you are like behave foolishness, can you arrange another cabin for the rac and waiting list people, if you are arrange 1 cabin for this there is no problem like this happen, but i am very suffered with your like this behavior . please ensure that dont repeat like this please cooperate like this type of handicapped persons,plz..plz......

    thanks and Regards
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    Dear Sir,

    A TTE collected my platform ticket and asked for fine in the Krisnarajpuram railway station.Though, the platform ticket was valid and had another hour of time.After a long argument and a RPF officer's intervention the TTE didn't took the fine.But, on the same day that TTE has taken fine illegally from many persons after collecting the platform ticket.As the train Chennai Express had left,I was unable to show my uncle's reservation ticket which is necessary for complain book.

    Kindly, tell me how could I take an action\lodge a complain if I face similar situation.And is there any way to lodge a complain.Additionally, the Krisnarajpuram Railway station and Yeshvantpur Railway station don't have separate platform ticket counter(and also don't have platform ticket vending machine) despite huge crowd.

    Hope, I'd get a response soon.

    Thanks & Regards
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    Dear concern,

    My Parents have travelled on 24th June 2012, Train no: 12695 & Coach no: s10 [MAS to SA-Trivandrum Express]. I pre-booked berth tickets(seat no: 66 & 68) for them in sleeper class through online irctc.They suffering from back bone pain for past years so they can't able to sit that's why I booked sleeper class tickets but the concern tte not allowed to sleep & not allotted their booked seats also that tte treated as beggers because they are illiterate persons. Finally they are travelled by sitting with most of depression. I felt very sad while hearing the issue because both are heart patients.
    I need justice not only for those old persons, FOR ALL by punishing the concern TTE.
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    respected sir,
    As i have boarded maharastra exp frm daund to kopagoan and due to shortage of time we didnt get reservation and even general was rush so we boarded s5 compartment and we were ready to pay fine and take the birth but the ttc came and told us to pay 1500 fine (but the actual fine was 200) so i refused to pay so much amount and we were going to general later he only called and ask 200 and asured to give birth so we payd hm the money and he told to wait later aftr 1hr he started taking wrong that he cant give birth nd to slep in coridor and al so i told hm to return the money so that il go to general again he started askng 2000 as a fine
    So plz take a seviour action against him !
    Hopeing that u may take action against him
    Thank you
    Date of taking bribe 28.6.12
    Time of taking bribe 01.30am
    Thanking you

    Girish sharma
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    I have booked confirmed tatkal tickets for my cousin sisters in the Kanyakumari Express (Train No 16723) from Chennai Tambaram - Nagercoil Jn for the date August 10th 2012. The scenario is my cousin sisters completed the age of 18 recently so they dont have any government issued cards. Since I booked tatkal ticket at the time of booking it will ask for ID Proof and ID Number so i have given the proof as College ID and in the ID Card it does not have any ID Number or a Roll number for that i entered the area pin code of the college since it is a must to enter a ID Number. The TTR came to my sister for the checking and she showed the College ID card and there is no ID No in the card but it as her name and the photo. The TTR told that the ID no is not matching as per the given input and he asked the fine for Rs 1372 otherwise u have to get down from the train in the next station or else ur parents should come to next station. So they afraid of this and paid the money. Is this the way the TTR behave to the ladies that too during the night time. If something happen who is responsible for them to take care. IS THE STUDENTS CANNOT TRAVEL IN TRAINS WITH THEIR STUDENT ID CARD THEN WHAT PURPOSE THE OPTION IS GIVEN IN THE TATKAL BOOKINGS FOR STUDENT ID. Are they not the citizens of India?? TTR's are purely money minded I want the judgement for this Issue. The TTR name is A. Nicholson.
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    Hello Sir,
    I've been travelling in three tier AC in Rameswaram Express on 01/11/2012.
    Continous Insect roaming inside the compartment & insects bites me in my hands & became swelling & its infectious & spread all over the body & i am struggling with the swelling hands till now.
    Please, take necessary action immediately!!!!
    To avoid in future, people to be suffering from these kinds of silly things, please take immediate action!!!!!!!!

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    Respected Sir,

    I have purchased a Tatkal ticket from Varkala on 26th . at that time which was waiting list 12 & 13 for two passengers. But reservation attending lady told me no issue which may covered at final list. She says first allotment will be given for Tatkal waiting list then only consider other. after final list which shows one passenger is confirmed and other is waiting list one. While traveling TTE is arrogantly told there is no vacancy. I requested please consider when any cancellation occurs. He said no. there are lot of RAC tickets . I said our's is a thatkal ticket and No1 waiting list ; he said you don't know the rule? finally I can understand Waiting list 29 also allotted a berth from Ernakulam overtaking us. what action can we take against this? how I can get justice from this TTE.I forced to travel with out berth & reservation. His name is not shown correctly .Malabar Express train no.16629 TTE in between Varkala and ernakulam stations attending S11 coach. my PNR No is 455-9962958.

    Sameer .C.N
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    This is to bring your notice that I (Prem shankar prasad) am travelling with my family in 12683 HWH-YPR Exp. with pnr 6710481389 dated 07-01-2013, having RAC birth in 3AC, B2 -39 & 47 started from HWH for Yashwantpur. There are only 3 seats in B2 compartment 39, 47 & 55 having RAC seats in whole 3AC of HWH – yashwanpur exp. On dated 07-01-2013. In between HWH & Khurda road stations, B2 27 birth person not joined, Then I asked him (Mr. Saphik, Rail Conductor) to give me B2, 27 birth. Since in B2 (39 & 47 ) first RAC was mine, so I was the first eligible for blank seat. He did not listen me and Birth given to Wait Listed Ticket Person by taking Bribe.
    I am very sorry to say that the above Rail Conductor has not cleared a single RAC in 3AC, all given to Wait listed person by taking Bribe.


    Prem shankar Prasad
    Contact no.= 09900070747
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    Sir I have made a sleeper class ticket for the day of journey 22.01.2013.Railway provide me a sleeper class ticket PNR no-641-6036394 & booked on dated 28.12.2012. On the way of journey the TTE told that this ticket is not a valid ticket and charges a fine of Rs-95/-.He said value of ticket old version and accoding to new rule add more money.
    He charged rupees without any slip.

    I don't understand that why they have charge me unless i have a valid ticket.
    Please look into my matter and give me a proper way what should now i can do.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ashish Kumar Srivastava
    Passanger Name
    Mr. D.P. Srivastava
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    Dear all,

    My name KESAVAN V age 27 Now (09-02-13) im travelling from Secondrabad to Balasore the train name East coast Express train no:18646 and my pnr no: 4661607111 date of journey 09-02-13 travelling towards Orissa in 3rd AC comportment. Mine is RAC47 and seat no 48 & 45 no one came. I asked is there any possible to get birth he told "it will take 2 hours if no one come then i'll see" . After 4 hours I met him. Seriously I shocked he's selling tickets to General Passengers. By the time he cleared one bill book completely. I tried to take a video but one General person not allowed because he need to get a seat. How much money he's keeping in his packet. he couldn't able to count it also. Then I gently asked again "sir is there any chance to get birth' he told " Dont come and ask me once my job is over then I'll come and verify.
    What kind of job he's doing. First he should clear RAC then if there is any available seat let him sell. If he want money for confirming RAC the government should notify/ mention clearly like TTE will ask money kindly pay it how much expect in Tickets.Incredible India....
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    Respect Inidan Railways,

    I have traveled from Nellore to chennai on 3rs Mar 2013. I took superfast ticket (general ticket) and by that time Jan sathabthi arrived from Vijayawada to Chennai. I took in to the train, The next station TTE asked for the Ticket verification. I have shown him the superfast ticket, He took a fine of Rs:300/- for travelling with superfast ticket. Is this is correct fare or i been cheated, Why because the other person next to me has fined only Rs:50/-.Kindly need clarity. TTE belongs to Ongole station. I have the seal and the bill with me.

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    Indian Railway

    Respected sir i CH SHRADHANANDA PATRO beg to state the following statement that happens withe me :
    1. I and my friend entered from 4th no platform gate with combined platform ticket at around 4.30 pm on 21.03.2013 to go through 1st platform gate.
    2. when i am reached near the gate my friend returned back towards 4th no. platform.
    3. At that time mr. maharana taking me and want to see my ticket, but i convinced him that my friend is in 4th no platform so it will take 5 minutes to show the ticket, But he is not listening me and charged for 280 rupees. but when i am convincing regariously , he want to get 200 rupees from me.
    4. at that time my friend reached with me (due to phone calling to him) and show the combined ticket.
    5. but the mr TTE is not want to see this and destoryed the ticket by taking from me. and also misbehaved me
    6. After that when i asked him that it is not correct to destroy the ticket , he asking me for proof.
    7. But he did not know that all his saying are recorded by me by my cell phone during conversasion with him.
    8.and he also scolded me and threathening me for hand overing with police ,so at that time i am little bit dominated by him .
    9. at last after convencing of another TTE he is agreed for 100/-
    10. Due to calling with my friend during talking with mr TTE. the recording system of my phone is separated with two or three parts.
    11. i am also asking him to take 50 rupees also. to escape from that situation.but i can't.
    12. As a proof i have only the sound record file
    13. may the name may be fake , i also noted his vehicle no . at out side the station gate.and taking backside phote. because i have a doubt that if i take front phote and he is looked me may hand over to railway police.
    because i know always decisons are in thier favour.

    so it is my kind request to you that please take necessary action against him. because we are come form middle class family.

    yours faithfully,
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