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    Hi, I travelled with APSRTC bus no AP29Z0058 dated: 26/07/2014 from Tirumala shrine to Tirupathi. The bus was slated to ply at 11:55 pm and after running for 15 minutes (that too with 3 halts) that is. at 12:25 it halted with a jerk as there was a flat tyre. Driver told us all to get down and wait for 15-20 minutes to get the puncture fixed and left the passengers to rest at roadside. When I roamed around at 1:30 am in the night to look for bus & driver..i found the bus parked in a shady place at some distance unattended. I looked for driver all around and asked him he carelessly said that the next bus commuting would be at 3 in the morning. When i asked why did he commit false promise 1 hour back ...he started misbehaving and called a constable who was reportedly sleeping on-duty, came and started shouting on a group of we 4 female passengers and hurled abuses on us…he called 4-5 men who all abused us and created a huge fight and left us all embarrassed in public and made us feel uncomfortable, humiliated and highly insecure given the wee hours of morning. When I constantly asked for refund and rest of the passengers backed the pleas, then driver kept us telling to go back to farther end and wait there for initially 30 minutes …then told 10 minutes. When I asked him that what's the point of giving these false deadlines when no steps are initiated to actually fix the bus or arrange any alternative.
    After constant pestering and bickering at 2.25am he arranged for the spare tyre to be installed which atmost took them 10 minutes.The bus finally started at 2:40 am and we again had to wait at a security crossing till 3 in the morning.

    As a result, the rooms which we booked for 3000 Rs were wasted and we not only lost our sleep and rest but also were humiliated big time. Also, I missed my train the next day due to heavy fatigue and suffered a loss of 5000 rs as they were all tatkal tickets of 2AC.
    Alongwith unnecessary monetary loss hardly 45 minutes journey took 4 hours due to heavy negligence and utter irresponsible behavior of the driver who told his name as K.Rajendran.
    I hope this complaint reaches to right ears and some action is taken so that nobody else need to suffer same problem like ours.
    I on a personal level have vowed to never travel with APSRTC as I have found they are not at all service oriented.
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    Their is a huge disgust regarding the queuing of 40 numbered bus from koti to secundrabad at a single point of time.During the night times its becoming difficult as all buses start at same time leaving the roads empty for hours together.This needs immediate attention as most of passengers are woman who are facing problems during the late hours.So I request the corresponding authority to take immediate action and solve the issue as soon as possible.

    Thank you
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    I am a regular city bus traveler but from past few weeks i am very disappointed with the services provided in the city

    Firstly the bus conductors (male) are harsh in their tone. The loudness and increased pitch of voice is also with the

    ladies passengers, which is not at all accepted.
    Secondly the passengers have to wait for a long time for their own money (due amount). Conductors in spite of having lots

    of coins in their bags makes passenger wait near to their stoppage point and when they demand for their money the

    conductors openly says "You can collect the rest amount from the Bus Depot".

    Out of so many instances i would like to share one such instance which happened today on 21-Aug-2014 between 19:30 HRS to

    19:40 HRS when me along with 6-7 people boarded the bus no 10H (Secunderabad to Kondapur) (Vehicle No AP XX - 11 Z 7378)

    from CYBER TOWERS, HITECH CITY to KONDAPUR BUS STOP. The fare was 9 Rupees so each one of us gave a 10 Rs note but when we

    demanded for our valuable 1 Rupee he said he will give us at the last stop. But when again at KONDPAUR we demanded our due

    amount of 1 Rupee he loudly said- "Either give me 9 Rupees chiller or else take your 1 Rupee from Bus Depot" and when

    everyone after watching at his bag full of coins asked that you have so much of coins then he shouted upon us and said to

    get out of this bus. And this is not the first time i have experienced the same. I have seen people cursing the APSRTC for

    such services.

    Lastly i would like to put forward few queries to you -

    Is this a respectful way to treat the passenger?
    Isn't this the violation of The R.T.C. Act, 1950 Section 4(1)(b)(i) Chapter-2 under which it is clearly mentioned under

    Duties headings that "To treat the customer i.e., passenger as a central concern of the Corporation's business and provide

    him the best possible service characterized by cleanliness, punctuality, safety, comfort and courtesy" ??

    Hoping to see the changes soon and waiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Adhikari
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    Respected Heads of APSRTC,

    This is the complaint against Kavali depo manager, Nellore DIST. A new service was started from Kavali for Hyderabad on daily bases. This service was ran for 3 months and almost every day bus was full with passengers. We don't know what happen all of a sudden, they have cancelled the service. Late I heard, local private travel agent gave money to depo manager; so the service was cancelled. It would be good, if RTC will renew the service again.

    If all the private travels are restricted for 3 months, for sure RTC definitely runs with profits. This was known to ever individual but, why governments are not looking at this issue.
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    Dear Sir,

    I,.. P.Padmanabha Rdddy, traveled through APSRTC Indra A/C Bus from Kurnool to Hyderabad on 13-09-2014. It has become a horrible journey experience in my life. I boarded the bus at at 6-15PM, at Kurnool. The diver/conductor collected Rs. 296/- as the ticket charge. Immediately after travelling for 45 minutes I notice that AC system is not working. After taking complaint for all my fellow passengers the driver stopped the to the roadside and came to know that some belt of AC system is damaged. I came to know that there no arrangement for replacement of the equipment throughout the route till Hyderabad. I along with fellow passengers faced hell like situation with air to breath at least breath for more than four hours. And scorching heat , and sultry atmosphere within the closed window glasses added more to our agonies. You indicated on the timings' board in the bus,. that the bus may reach at 09-15 PM, but actually it reached the destination (Hyderabad MGBS) only at 10-15PM (One Hour inordinate delay). The seat designing is in the bus, so worst, that the passengers cannot sit on them properly and comfortably as they are slippery in nature.

    I request concerned authorities to please return the amount with just compensation, as you have not provided the facility you have promised and made me to travel with horrible experience and agony. Otherwise,.. I have no alternative to go to consumer court for just solution of my grievance. If you did not respond within one week I will drop a complaint in consumer forum.

    Here are the details of journey and bus no.

    My ticket Number: 0053882
    Charge collected: Rs. 296/-.
    Bus NO: AP 02 Z 0110.
    Driver Code No: 407032/
    Name: P.Padmanabha Reddy,
    mobile No: 99121 99368,
    Email ID:
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