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    Highly unprofessional behavior by TFS. My booking ID was TFS-PP-C2141249. Cab was at 6pm for Majestic railway station. Cab hasn't arrived yet and its 6:30pm now. Spoke with driver. He said it would take 40mins and would reach by 7:15. Gave 6 calls to customer care between 5:30 and 6:15pm. Every time they mentioned that cab would come in 5mins. TFS sure would be solely responsible for our missing the train. Extremely upset with this unprofessional behaviour.

    Biswarup Das
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    Dear Ola Cabs,

    We booked cab for pick up from Jayanagar 3rd block and drop to Sanjay
    Nagar, Bangalore.
    Our booking number is CRN7327730.

    Driver: Sunil
    Contact number: 9740690879

    We made booking for pick up at 3:30PM on 14th July 2014.
    You may check the same in your order details.
    We actually boarded cab at 3:30PM and reached destination at 4:08PM.

    But the driver had charged us for duration from 2:57PM to 4:08PM.
    It is very clear that driver has charged us from 2:57PM to 3.30PM excessively.
    Ideally we don't have to pay for 2:57PM to 3.30PM.
    When we clarified driver on this, he was not listening.
    He was arguing with us in highly indecent mannner.

    Driver's argument was that Ola Cabs misguided him by giving wrong time.
    But he did not want to reduce the charges unless he gets a
    confirmation from Ola cabs.
    In this regard, I called your helpdesk four times.
    Always I explained problem to callcenter person, and requested to help
    by informing driver to reduce charges.
    None of the callcenter guys responded as per my request.
    They simply ended the call by opening a separate case for the issue.
    I expected that Olacabs would admit their fault and take measure to
    charge appropriately.
    I did not expect Olacabs to make such a mistake and turn deaf ear when
    we approach for help.

    I would like to inform you that we were the ones who suffered heavily
    by the Olacabs's mistake.
    I cannot overemphasize the psychological stress we went through due to
    driver's indecent behavior and arguments.
    I want Olacabs to take up this case and compensate us for the loss of
    peace of mind and loss of money.
    Only after proper response from Olabs, I can gain some trust that
    Olabs makes money genuinely from customers, not by misguiding cab

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    I have had my own experience with Ola Cabs as well.

    There was one time that I had booked an Ola cab, well in advance for a weekday at 5 30 PM. On the day, I got no call from the driver or Ola confirming that they have sent the cab or not.
    At 5 15 I was in doubt, and called Ola. They said that the cab has been sent and might arrive a little late, maybe 15 minutes later.
    AT 5 30, when I called the driver ( The name and number which was sent to me through SMS) he was clueless as to what was even happening. He had no idea that he had to come for the pick up.
    I had to call Ola again, to confirm , to which they said that they will be sending another driver. I waited for another 15 minutes and called again, and they say that I may need to wait for 30 minutes more!!
    By this time I was starting to lose my patience. I was already delayed by an hours time, thanks to OLA! finally , after 2 hours they managed to send a driver and I was picked up.

    At the end of it, I get the bill, which seemed a little extra , to which, at the time of payment, I couldnt really check with the driver ( As I was already late, and didnt want to waste more time arguing with him).

    When I checked the invoice ,charges of about Rs.150 seemed extra! On checking the invoice, I see that they have charged WAITING TIME???!!! FOR WHAT!!!!!!
    I anway, called Ola and yelled at them, and after that somehow 75 was transferred to me as OLA CREDIT! I was furious as I didnt want any more of OLA in my life.. I just wanted my money back.... But of course, that wasnt returned to me.

    On another occasion, which was just about 2 days ago, the cab did arrive on time, but they charged me a 100 bucks extra as waiting time.!! again!!
    On calling Ola , and mentioning to them that I had NEVER MADE THE CAB WAIT, I get to hear that, the waiting time is also with regard to the SIGNALS.. during the journey... so everytime the cab stops, waiting time is charged, in addition to the FUEL charge..

    On being asked for an explanation on how this kind of a charge made ANY SENSE AT ALL, the executive was all about SORRYS and MORE SORRYS! And basically, nothing was done, and I was cheated yet again.

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    I would like to submit a complaint against OLA CAB, Hyderbad for the pathetic service provided to me.
    I booked a cab thru OLA cab for commuting from my home Miyapur to Secunderabad Railway station. Following are the details.
    Date of Booking: 27 Jul-14, 17:30 PM
    Date of Journey: 27 Jul-14
    Confirmation No. (CRN): 7700200

    I got a phone from OLA Cab on 27 JUL 14 at 5:30 pm that Cab is not available without any proper reason.

    Plese hlep to take serous action and penalize them seriously to avoid such incidents in further.


    +91 9885829291
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    I booked a cab via the ola cab app for 10:30pm. The location of the pick up place is given in the app, however instead of coming to church street, empire in bangalore, the cab has gone to kormanagala empire. I am a woman travelling alone at night, intending to take to cab to make sure i get gome safe. If the cab driver misreads the information on the app to a location thats a good 30 mins away, how am i supposed to find another cab? This is the worst service! And definitely not the first time this has happened. The mental trauma i have gone through to wait alone and find another cab is unimaginable.
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    This is regarding booking with OLA Cabs, pune (Booking Id: CRN 8083762).

    I had morning flight from Pune Airport on 9th Aug. Hence I booked cab for 05:30 am 9th Aug 2014 on 7th Aug.

    Firstly, OLA cancelled it on 8th Aug and re-booked it and then there was no intimation. I was confused whats happening as booking were getting cancelled and

    re booked and then there were SMS and emails flowing.
    I called OLA Call centre then they told that there was some website booking issue and hence they re booked. I asked them in any such scenario they are

    supposed to call customer and inform them.

    I got little suspicious of their services and I asked call centre executive that are they confirm on booking and cab will come on time or not. They were like

    - "rest assured with us"

    Anyways, hell broke when they called me early morning (or say at midnight) at 1:10 am and told me that my booking is cancelled. Executive was saying that he

    at least informed me 4:00 hours early and that I can look for alternatives (at 1:10 am)

    So here are the things,
    1. They ensured I have a hell start of day.
    2. They broke my sleep and instilled some restlessness that I don't have means to reach to airport.
    3. Also, with all these they ensured I have a tiring,sleepy day ahead.
    4. Unfortunately, they don't understand how such occurrences can cause a missed opportunity and it has caused me one.

    What a shame that an organization which is
    1. displaying ads on high profile Airways like Jet Airways is having such a rickety system.
    2. having call center where every executive is ga-ga over "Sir, rest assured with us", makes sure you have hard time.
    3. having shiny website but shoddy service

    I am trying my best to educate people through different portals (I have Booking id so I am sure even if they try to bog me down then that's difficult) - NOT

    TO USE OLA services.

    And, I am trying to find out how easy its to check legal process that such incidents should incur cost to company as heavy cancellation charges given to

    customer which account for opportunity missed by individual.

    I am also trying to reach to your top executives directly and inform my dissent. But doesn't looks easy.

    Please say NO if you can't do it and stop the services if you can't hold on it. I think, demand of current days is to build trusted services and not a junky

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    i booked a ola taxi from noida sector 30 on sunday 6.42 pm for monday 8.45 am to go new delhi gulmohar park,but taxi di,t come at 8.45 am ,then i called at 8.47 and asked for taxi then caller told me no taxi available due to rush of festival and then asked her why u did't told me earlier or through message,then i asked her when i get taxi the she told me at 11.30 am then i told her okey it,s conferm she said yeh,then i told her okey...i have no choice to go there i came from lucknow and don't know about metro and i have so much luggage 11.03 am again ,i got ring from -011-30018102,that i am near to ur place ,he came so early but i mangaed and goto new delhi,my daughter was with me with our luggage and we went to gautam nagar near gulmohar park,i take my luggage and my daughter too but she left her mobile in that cab- UP17T 5010 DRIVER NAME AJAY,MOBILE NUMBER 7838-301516,i gave the payment then he gone but after 15 minutes when my daughter did't get her mobile then i rang ajay to ask about that mobile which was left in his cab but he dnied and told me i m coming back but he did't come back again,i rang him and talk to him five time,12.31 i min,12.55 /i minute,12.56/30 sec,1.16/35 sec,1.36/i minute but he said i have a booking thats why i m going thats the first incident.
    @hi airport at 2.15 pm,but the taxi did't come i wait for 45 minutes call details with my daughter,s mobile and she is newdelhi,so that was two incident with with ola cab .
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    OLA cab charges waiting time for the time spent by the cab at the traffic signal. If you travel 6kms from point A to B you will be charged INR.100 + whatever time the cab spends at the traffic light; even if you did not make the cabbie wait for you. I find this out-rightly ridiculous.
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    Sir my ola cabs account has been blocked by the company .and I have 3000 rupees in the account. And now I am unable to sign in my account and they are pretending me. So resolve this problem as soon as possible
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    I had booked 2 cabs from Banneragatta(National Park) to Bellandur at 5.30PM on 24th august. Booking was done 1day prior.

    First got a message that cab will be delayed by half an hour at 5PM and after 15minutes the request was cancelled saying there is no pick up from National park.

    Why couldn't you people check this when we booked the cab.We can atleast look for alternatives if the message is conveyed earlier. Why the hell you made us wait till last minute and later cancelled the cab.

    It was a horrible experience.
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    They keep securities for there company to occupy a public free parking.and scolding them not to park there in public parking.really this is too much.......actually they supose to shift the company to madiwala place....once they park ..they used to park double please trafic police....i m requesting to look those place where tge ola car park ....but not only money money....
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    hello, my name is pramod.. I booked an ola cab with CRN 9543796 with pickup date 07 Sep, 2014, 03:07 pm. However, the cab arrived at 4:02 pm .i.e, after 55 mins delay.
    Pickup address : KS layoutBangalore,
    Car type Sedan
    Car Details: Silver Toyota etios KA 53 B 2086
    Driver Details: BASAVARAJ 9686369685
    The expected charge should have been rs 150 for 8 km. However due to delay ,the bill was rs 240. We were charged extra rs 90 due to ola cab's negligence.
    Kindly , look into the matter.
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    Dear OLA Team

    We faced same problem with OLA cab.
    We are booking from mobile app. But we see that driver starts ride before he came to our pick up point.
    We request him to stop trip before we start our ride and start again. But driver ask 150 rs which he sees on hia mobile. Why shall i pay thus amount without using this cab. This is only cheating your customers.
    I paid 150 rs and didnt uae this ride. I want my miney back.

    I will not recommend to anyone OLA anymore.
    I will leave this complains to many web sites to inform other users.
    I called your customer care to get some support. But your customer care asistabt MR Agnalo Simoes could not do anything. We had to pay to driver and leave the cab. Driver was happy that he got 150 rs without doing anything.

    It should not be the service of OLA cab.

    I am waiting your your email, call or any feedback that you corrected your system.
    I suggest you something, you must have some criteria and requirement before giving your OLA brand to these guys. This kind of things are spoiling your brand name and you will loose your future.
    Big disapointment for us. Never again.

    Our ride details were as below.
    crn no 9854190


    Ola Android 2.3.2 on GT-I9500 ja3g running Android 4.4.2 Ola
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