Complaint against BSNL service



  • edited September 2014
    I was facing problem with bsnl broadband then i lodge complaint on 198 after two days they sent the people from landline n they themself said that they dont know about broadband..and the next day i again lodge d complaint but this time they came i was not at home my mother was there she has no any abt internt then they cleaned some wire n all and went..the problem was still there..then again i lodged complaint then two people came checked my modem they daid it is ok ...they called some to change d wire which was comming to the modem..he didnt came two days passed no one came then i again for the 4th time logded complaint..then i called on 1504 from their i got tel no 2557071.i called their a lady interacted with was a server room no which was given to me.that lady doesnt know how to talk with customer getting hyper while talking.bsnl should give training to them for dealing with the customer..she was just putting her point that this is server rroom not ready to listen.. i didnt dialed that no from myside it was given to me..that lady for really horrible..then she gave no of telexchange of my area but it was of line /wires dept..then finally from therd i got no of fault departmnt i m waiting for their response..
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