eTechies - cheated with me with most pathetic service and false commitments.

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Technical repair Center - Pune
Zenith Complex Building, 405, 4th floor, Opp krishna Bhawan, Nr Agriculture College, Shivaji Nagar -Pune -411005

I came to know about eTechies from internet while google. Initially i thought the company might be genius and professional as the services included feature like Online support, Home pick & drop etc. so I registered myself and logged a Request ID for my Dell Studio 1535 laptop.

The same day a technician came to my place and verified my laptop, the problem was display of my laptop was not coming up.So the technician told me and demostrated me that one of 2gb RAM is not working. For first Time service etechies charged me 1360 Rs. So i thought i have to pay 1360 Rs so ishould try there services too. so i requested that guy to take my laptop and give me quotation for the 2gb RAM and DVD writer the guys took all the details of my machine and told me that max we would take 10days to resolve your ticket, after that i did got any quotation call for next 6 days on the same day i called thier technical repair center and asked for quotation. They first of all told me that we will gets updated and will call you and etc. but did'nt call me on that day day i told them that its the 7th day and till date you have not called me for the quotation then at same time they told me that it would cost me around 845 rs. i agreed and i got a confirmation call for that they lady from delhi head quarter told me that it would take 2 more days to replace you RAM and to get new RAM which was confortable for after 3days i call them as it was the 10th day and thet promise to deliver within 10 days. on that day the guy told me that my machin is under quality test and it would take time so we would deliver your machine max by tommorow. i told them while taking laptop you told me 10 days and now you are taking 11 days. they told me to adjust and all. I thought ok .Next day i get a call from an technician named as Prashant who tell me that the price of the RAM is different we have given you price of DDR3 ram which is 845rs and in you machine DDR3 is not compatible and DDR2 RAM will cost you around 1900 Rs.

After Listing to this i was that guy but 4days back you told me some different price and now with some other figures and also you were not able to deliver my machine within 10 days what kind or proffesional person or technical person you are. I asked him for his supervisor which was not available at that time. the guys then tells me that sir mistake is from our side so we'll return back you machine with 2GB ram only. i told him i would not except my machine without 2gb ram cause my machine was good with 2gb ram already only the second 2gb ram was not working for which i submitted my laptop in your office and you took 11 days to find out that DDR3 ram is not the best one for my machine i refused to take my machine untill and unless my problem gets resolved with the quotation given..
The guy tell me that "Do whatever you want to do" and hunged up.

Then after i called to the head quarters of eTechies that is in Delhi and explained the whole scenario. An senior technician called me and told me that "sir, we were trying to give you best, and initialy we thought that DDR3 RAM which is more faster than DDR2 would get compatible in your laptop. which is not the condition" listing to this i laughed at him and told him "How can you make DDR3 RAM compatible with a 4years old laptop core2Duo 2.0GHz processor" he was trying to fool me he though that the customer does not have an Idea about technology and electronic devices.then he also told me the same thing that i am her to find a solution and to return you laptop and told me that you can take back you laptop as it was than i ask him to give back my 1360rs he told that's non-refundable. i asked him than whats the use of investing 11 days and getting nothing after paying 1360rs.

then he cam up with an settlment amount and gave me final price of the ram as 1645rs i got agree and told me that till monday evening i would recieve my machine.After calling on monday the repiar center tell me that we will deliever your machine by tommorow.

In all total it has been more than 14days and this companies have not ye resolved my request after paying 1360rs. Don't believe in ther comemtments.
One of my worse experience .most pathetic. dont ever take thier services if they are providing free of charge also.


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    Technical repair Center - Bangalore

    I came to know about eTechies from internet while google. Initially was skeptical if they had enough expertise to repair my fujitsu tablet PC. I just called them and made a prelimiary enquiry. However I was not convinced and began to search for service center authorized by Fujitsu.

    However, from the day of my initial call the support personal of etechies started calling every day and gave a impression that they had enough expertise to support my cause. I even, exclusively gave them my tablet model number (Fujitsu T2040) and asked the support personal to confim to the technical team if they are confident handling the model.

    The support team came to me back claiming that he spoke to the tech team and they had expertise for fixing the problem.

    I thought the company might be genius and professional as the services included feature like Online support, Home pick & drop etc.

    so I registered myself and logged a Request ID for my Fujitsu Tablet T2040 laptop with a clear complaint that the fan was noisy and the tablet was overheating. I also made it clear the tablet was perfect except the problem being reported.

    The same day a pickup technician came to my place and verified my laptop confirmed that there was no other problem other than the complaint. The pickup technician told me that I need to pay even before fixing the problem the service charges of 1200. Which was enver informed by the support team. However, since the technician insisted that I need to pay it then, I obliged.

    They first of all told me that we will gets updated and will call me in a day and fix the problem with in 3 to 5 days. But did'nt call me even for 10 days, untill I tried contacting them asking about the wareabouts of my laptop. Since I was busy with my wife hospitalization I could not give my head to this issue and also reason I opted for etechies door service.

    After contacting them they said there were public holidays and they would need 2 to 3 days to fix the problem. but when I check the status online after 4day the status said quality checking. I though the problem is fixed and they will deliver my tablet soon. However which they did not.

    After couple of days more they called me and said taht they could not find the product and the problem is not fixed and they were charging me RS 500 for doing nothing and holding my tablet for almost a month.

    I did not agree but fearing they might damage my tablet I agreed asked them to return the tablet back. However upon receiving it I noticed that the tablet was tampered and the keyboard case cover was broken and other parts damaged.

    USB port which was never a problem had stopped working.

    In all it was one of my worst experience for having being encouraging for budding company. I lost money, got a damaged tablet. Extremely pathetic service.

    I would suggest none to opt for their service. Company cons people with false claims.
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    eTechies are one of the very worst, unprofessional service provider in Pune. They take lots of time to service your laptop and you won't get a call back regarding the status unless you chase them back. They take Rs.1500/- as one time service charge and its shere waste for the kind of service they provide. If you register a complaint to repair your PC / LAPtop or any devices then you get a immediate call back. Once they take the money and the device they will go on silent mode. I could read some complaints that they cheat in parts also. Really Very pathetic service and False commitments. I strongly recommend fraternity to not to go for any kind of services with them. You will be very much disappointed.
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    I have very bitter experience with these people.I called up to Just dial for my queries and in response they started to follow me up. In conversation they assured me to resolve my problem at very minimal cost and assured for their quality work. My desktop have mother board problem and these cunning people assured me "since we do component level maintenance, so we would able to repair your mother board, if any part of mother board would be required to replace , we will inform and than will change it.But actually they did nothing , charge me 1000 rs and return my mothe board after 1 week with no result. No one was there to stay on their words, just befooled me for 1000 Rs and waste my 1 week time. I would nevear recommand these people to get work done by Etachies
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    Hi all,
    Today, I called them up for getting help regarding my HP Desk jet printer, where issue was that the printer was printing a page in hour.
    However, as soon as I filled the inquiry form in their website, I received a call from gurgaon center, explaining me everything, how they work etc in a very convincing manner.
    On any kind of question from my mind out of anxiety and doubts, i was responded by saying positively that its an 1000cr company, and obviously don't do cheating or fraud etc. Well, I don't know frankly. However, I feel its really sick job to make the service receiver pay a minimum of Rs. 500/- even if u cancel Ur request.

    I received a confirmation call from the same guragon branch and was confirmed that some body, "AN HP EXPERIENCED PERSON" would be visiting my place and he will try to resolve my issues in my vicinity itself, and then there are conditions: If issue resolved there itself, I have to pay 1360/- rupees which they would charge me not for the person's fee but for my issue of printer and some kind of warranty which they wouldn't like to explain to us. Anyways, 2nd condition was if they couldn't resolve it in my vicinity, they would take my printer to their Shivajinagar base and if any hardware issue is found (which i didn't believed as i am using this printer since the past 2.5 yrs without any sort of issues) then i would have to pay extra may be 2000-3000/-. Third condition was, in case i don't allow them to carry my printer to their shivajinagar base, then i would have to pay them 500/- bucks.

    What happened exactly is: that one service engineer called me and just told me that he would be visiting to my place to "PICK MY PRINTER UP" while I was shocked if he is just a pick and drop guy, I HAD TO ASK HIM TO VISIT MY PLACE AND CHECK THE ISSUES IF HE COULD FIX THEM WHILE I WASN'T KNOWING THAT I AM JUST GOING TO BE WASTING MY MONEY He then visited my home today, when he came, i found the i-card is a kind of local i-card, which is worst than issued to a local security guard even. Anyways, the person, who called me from gurgaon told me that he would try some tactics to resolve my printer issues. When I asked him, if he was a HP EXPERIENCED person, he said, no he is a MAC PC PROFESSIONAL, and possess very poor knowledge about NON MAC PC's (meaning windows) that says my machine.



    1) They may be called as fraud to some extent, as they let us know that we're anyways going to loose our valuable money by asking them for help because we need it.
    2) They usually pick our devices with them, they return by when no guarantee, and they deliver it in which manner no guarantee again coz they never believe in explaining their "UNDER GUARANTEE CLAUSE". so basically, guys if u wanna loose your device or get something tampered as u won't have trust at first go (human nature), please be careful for opting such an service. As when i purchased my printer i paid Rs.1250/- with some discount offer. When am asking to repair it. I am being asked for more than 1300/- bucks plus unknown amount for any hardware changes + no fixed guarantee + no proof of our device wellness.
    3) Please rather opt for any outside service or local service if u can, coz, at the end u will feel cheated as for doing nothing, u have to pay at least a penalty of Rs. 500/- which u can console yourself as a penalty charge for committing the crime to look for such service,
    4) They would win your confidence by promising you certified and experience engineer at your doorstep, but you would encounter somebody else from another domain, who would perform certain low troubleshooting things, which even a normal person with ample computer knowledge could do.
    5) BIGGEST FACT, YOU FEEL CHEATED AND LOST AT THE END OF THE DAY! as their everything starts with PREPAYING THE CHARGES even for 1 visit, and for PICKING UR DEVICE to their shivajinagar branch, whether it be laptop, desktop, printer or any other similar device.
    6) You can't call the customer care, because they call it a 24 X 7 service however, their service center toll free number closes by 7:30PM,,, lolz...
    7) you can't call back those gurgaon guys also, as there is no contact number to call them, as the people who attend the toll free number have went home in case you desired to call a technician after you come back from office.

    The grievances are many more, and i can't post everything here. Hence, AT THE END, I Wouldn't RECOMMEND this service to anyone whoever can see this post !

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    I came to know about Etechies via Justdial services. I had called justdial looking for an authorised dealer for my HP laptop. Etechies called me and assured that they are authorized dealers for HP. I did not bother to check. Very promptly their service guy came and looked at my laptop for 2 hrs and then concluded that he will have to take it with him. After 4 days i got a call that my laptop mother board was tampered! I asked them if I opt to change the mother board, will my data be safe?
    They said that motherboard change would need formatting and my data will be lost. SO I asked them to return my laptop. I used to call everyday for 2 weeks to return my laptop and then I realized that these guys had messed up with my laptop and now the display was gone.
    I am requesting them everyday to RETURN MY LAPTOP in the same condition they took it! What wrong did I ask for?

    THESE PEOPLE ARE CHEAT, BLACKMAILERS. The moment I denied change of mother board, they didn't want to return my Laptop!
    They lied to me that the display was not working when their service guy took it from my place.
    These people cant apply simple logic. Why will a service person try to repair my Laptop for 2 hrs if the display were not working!.

    These morons, I tell you, better give your laptop to a beginner. I bet they will do better than their "HP certified Engineer" (nonsense). If not let your laptop rot, atleast you will save 1350 bucks!

    If you ever speak to ARCHANA / HITESH... please disconnect your call. 'Cause they WILL CHEAT YOU.
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    Share your Experience in this blog...

    Got frustrated & created a blog...

    eTechies are fraud with false claim & poor engineers ...

    Best Part: Their all customer care executive are trained to call these edit engineers as "CHIP LEVEL Engineers" ha ha ha as if they are hired to wash the chips...

    Enjoy writing experience ... do share some taught s on the blog
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    Really i thought of its good initiative. But below happened to me:

    1. After Log a ticket , Etechi guy visited my home, he don't know how laptop work/which receipt need to give to me all the paper work done by me.. But he know to tell if any hardware replacement we will call. Agreed?

    2. Next no call from any past one week , after one i called customer care they dont know what happening in my laptop...Bad excuses. After 10 day i got a call and they said we need to replace some hardware in mother board and my key board.... agreed? they quotes 4000+ for replacement , agreed , after one week they returned my laptop (multiple reminders). At last they returned?

    3. Got laptop , with in 5 min they went out after delivery...... After using my laptop i came to know that the key board they replaced is DUPLICATE....

    Hence be aware of this A** H**ls .. Big CHEATERS....F**ING SERVERS.......I wont do this kind of writer up ... But i though of writing to know abt this garbage service.... U may see they blocked Feedback service.....
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    Respected sir/mam I gave up Lenovo c200 all in one for Repair in Etechies but they will be not done and I deposit 1500rs and the conditions of if we will not Repair your system we return you rs 1000 , I m waiting till now my unrepaired system received in 6 February 2014,
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    It has more than two month but i still haven't got my refund money. I have subscribe to their annually warranty for my laptop service. When submit my laptop they said most of laptop are damaged ,i have to change all parts which they estimate of Rps 25000. i asked them to return my laptop and cancel my annual subscription.They clearly mention if i cancel the annual subscription within same month in which it was enrolled they will return 2500 after cutting some amount. i have receipt of annual warranty which clears states we can cancel the annual subscription within a month. i have cancel my annual subscription on 6 Feb 2014 which was enrolled on 1 Feb 2014. i have tried to call their number i.e 011 60006464 from 1 month but nobody is picking my call. i have tried 10-20 mails but still haven't got any response

    My registered email ID is
    My registered Phone number is 9650333938
    Customer ID is 2014020158821
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    I bought annual service subscription for my Laptop from on 12th January 2014 for Rs. 3000. But I got the service cancelled when I sent my laptop for first repair.

    So I was supposed to get Rs. 2500 back.

    I was told that I will get my money back after 3 months. So when I contacted them after 3 months there number was not getting dialed.
    I wrote many e-mails to them. But I did not get any response. I even visited there office once but they have shut down the office.

    I have there headquarter office, which is in Gurgaon. It is as below-

    MM Towers, 5th Floor, Plot No. 8,
    Udyog Vihar Phase IV, Gurgaon 122001

    I have there PAN Card details which is mentioned on there receipt. It is as below-
    Service Tax Number: AABCL7744ESD001
    TIN No.: 27630915815V
    PAN No.: AABCL7744E

    My Invoice ID is 147236.

    I observed that there website has been updated. So they are still active, may be in Gurgaon.

    So is there any chance that I can get my money back?
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