Complaint against replacement of wd hard disk

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Dear Sir/Mam,

Around 1 year ago, I have logged a complaint in Western Digital regarding 160GB Hard Drives (RMA #82978991) on 8 SEP 2011.I did not recieve any response for next one month then I have again logged a complaint with RMA #83097759 on 24 OCT 2011.I did not recieve any responce from them.I had many time logged my complaint on thier no-18002005789.
My last comlained logged was with RMA #83809957 on 26july2012.I have warranty upto APRIL 2013.They do not respond to call every time they gave me assurance that they will pickup my hard disk within a week but didn't get any fruitful response till now.

I am very frustrated now, I would request you to help me in this matter.



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    my harddisk not working now.please change thisss
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    Here is my last conversation with Western Digital. Hope you will understand
    Dear Wilma_m and mohan_ab

    Kindly forgive me for using strong language in this mail.

    I had contacted you vide Case Reference #100712-6058113 (RMA number is : 83991052). But your courier people have not responded to the complaint. Look in to following points:
    1. My delivery was scheduled on 14/Oct/2012, sunday. Courier person called to tell me sir we dont work on Sundays.
    2. Anyway I asked him to come on Saturday, he did not turn up even then.
    3. Now I think Western Digital services/hardware everything sucks. I made a very big mistake of buying the crappy hard disk in the first place that started developing problem within ten days of purchase as you can find in my case complaints/RMA. Even after you make replacement I am sure your hard disk is even going to be more crappier.
    4. Segate was on only 1000 Rs costly, I should have gone with it which is far more reliable.
    5. Now you may be wondering why I am writing this mail. I want to tell you that I am not going to waste even a minute of mine with the crappiest hard disk I bought. I am going to drill it and throw it into thrash and POST ABOUT YOUR CHEAP HARDWARE ON FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE/FLIPKART/EVERYWHERE AND CUSTOMER FORUMS. I do not want any replacement/refunds now. I just want no one should make any mistake while buying a cheap hard disk, It is always better to spend few bucks on quality. I have already bought a brand new SEGATE Harddisk. I dont need your refund/replacement now.
    6. Once again I am sorry for using strong language.
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    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Around 2 week ago I have logged a complaint in Western Digital regarding 250GB Hard Drives (RMA #84033751) on Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 2:31 PM.I did not receive any response for 2 week. I did not receive any response from them.I had many time logged my complaint on their no-18002005789.

    VAPI, Gujarat 396191
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    Dear sir
    my name is nakrani brijesh
    your company system is very hard disk is picup is 26th dis 2012.but not picup my disk.

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    western digital hard disc s/n:wmc1u5931168 not warking plees complainst ragistar. plees riplayice imdiyatliy
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    I have given my hard disk for replacement 45 days back as it was not working. They told me that it will take 7-10 days for replacement but its already 45 days.

    First i took the approval to get my data recovered. The details of which are mentioned below :
    Case No :- 080513-7290760
    Serial No: WCAZA2983373
    Model No :- WD15EURS-63S48Y0
    RMA # :84726918

    Then i gave it to nehru place drop center but i yet to get my hard disk.I didnot get my hard disk yet.
    everytime i call the customer care number they are saying different things that it is out of stock and all.

    Can you please help me in that.
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    western digital hard disc s/n:wcc1u0044391 not warking plees complainst ragistar. plees riplayice imdiyatliy
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    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Around 22 days ago, I have logged a complaint in Western Digital regarding 2TB Hard Drives (RMA#85041700 ) on 27th DEC 2013 that the hard disk which I bought through ebay was the corrupt one so what should I do, so they told me that please drop the Hard Drive to our drop point and we will exchange it with the correct one within 7 - 10 days and I did the same. Today is 17th of Jan and till today I have not got my Hard Disk and in between I called in Western Digital Customer Care number many times about my problem and they always used to tell me that we are rectifing your problem and we will send you Hard Disk as soon as possible.
    On 15th of Jan wen I spoke with the customer care number, then they told me that till this week I will get my WD Hard Disk i.e; till 18th Jan, but when I spoke with them on 17th of Jan to get the status of my Hard Disk then the reply was that they have till not delivered the Hard Disk and they will do as soon as possible.

    I am very frustrated now, I would request you to help me in this matter.

    Vikash Kumar Mishra
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    My hard disk is not working or not detected.
    please replace it.

    H.D. S/N.: WMAV31946801

    Thank You
    Jagajeet singh
    BHU. Lanka,
    Uttar Pradesh
    Contact No.: 09935439162
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    Hello all,

    I have purchased 1 TB External USB driver which was not working after around 2 year and 6 Month the drive was under warranty and I registered for the replacement of the drive online and RMA was generated for the pickup of HDD on 10 April, but even after several follow up nobody turned up to pickup or replacement of the drive and every time when we call to customer care no 1800-200 5789 , 1800-419 5591 the executive gives us the same reply that dirve will be picked up within two days, when escalated the executive has given false promise of Advance replacement of the Drive which i later came to know that is not a part of WesternDigital replacement policy. Today i called up their senior executive Name Anaya she promised that drive will be picked up in 1 day time, when the designation changes the false promise time was reduced to 1 day from two days. Still almost after 1 Month 10 Days their is no response from the company.

    I suggest you to buy HDD of some other vendor where they might charge 100 rs or 200 rs more but after sales service will be not so pathetic on behalf of; RMA Reply <>
    Fri 04/04/14 2:07 PM
    Western Digital Return Material Authorization - RMA #85257925

    This is a confirmation of your RMA (Return Material Authorization) request. Please review the information listed below. Only products and quantities authorized and within attached packaging guidelines will be accepted. If this packing list is in error, please contact us by phone prior to shipment.

    Please make sure to view your pre-mailer at the link below for information on how to package your drive(s) for shipment and for the warehouse location where to ship your defective drive(s).

    If you are returning a FireWire, USB, or Combo drive, please return the drive in a plastic casing along with the power adapter and cord. Keep all other cables, software, and manuals.

    If you are returning a Scorpio or mobile/laptop drive, please make sure you have removed any and all non-WD brackets from your drive. If a drive is sent to WD and has a non-WD bracket included, the bracket will not be returned. Most laptops include these kinds of brackets. Please check your laptop's user manual for additional information regarding these brackets.

    Please make sure to use one of the WD RMA shipping labels in the pre-mailer. If you purchased a UPS shipping label from us, you do not need to use the WD RMA shipping label in the pre-mailer.

    Replacement drive(s) will be shipped to:

    RMA Information:

    Drive(s) Information:
    Serial Number Product Name

    ********** ***************


    View/Print RMA Pre-Mailer | Shipping and packing information | RMA Status | Western Digital Support Homepage

    PLEASE NOTE: if you no longer need to replace your drive and would like to cancel this RMA, please click on the link below.

    How to cancel an RMA

    WD RMA Team

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    My hard drive are not working
    And data aprox 100 GB in the disk WCATR6663464
    PHONE NUMBER 9953945393
    Address h. no 123/11 block a govind vihar karawal Nagar shahdara delhi 10094
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    My hard drive are not working
    And data aprox 500 GB in the disk
    Sunil Kumar
    Mob-9837721006, 8445623481
    Tejghari Garh Road Meerut In friont BSNL Tawar
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    Please replace my hard drive because i have face so many problems. When I format my pc. Last 6 months I face that problem. So, I kindly request you to replace my hard drive fast. ....
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    My hard disk is not spport in my computer please change my hardisk


    MY CONTACT NO 9810197520
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