Where to file a complaint against a chemist.

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I was in the DLF City Mall-Gurgaon today and while watching a movie I noticed that my son had fever. As there is a chemist shop in the mall [CRS Health, Shopping Mall Complex, DLF City Centre, M.G. Road,
Gurgaon] I approached the same and asked for a tablet of Crocin which is an OTC drug, The staff present refused to sell a tablet of Crocin, stating that I would have to buy a whole strip. The staff was informed that my son has fever and that I don't require a strip of Crocin as I already had two strips at home and that it was a temporary provision so that the fever does not go up before I take him to his doctor. The staff did not co-operate. I have put in a feedback form at the shop.
A chemist shop refusing to sell medicine and that too a very basic medicine which does not even require a doctor's prescription is not only shocking and un-ethical but also violates the rights of a consumer.
As no medicine was sold I would like to know where do I file a complaint aginst the chemist for harrasement and deficency in service. Can I still approach the consumer court


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    Mr Singh,
    You are gravely mistaken in your understanding. If he sells you one tablet,who will buy the rest of crocin from him? Will you buy such a strup if you needed the whole strip? How will he price it.? You will not be able to convince anyone exept yourself. Nothing of what he said or did is unethical nor is a violation.I see no harassment nor do I find deficient service.You wre free to find a shop who is willing to sell one tablet as you said.You were also free to buy the whole strip for MRP. You can get a tablet free from a friend but you can not buy a tablet from most of the shops.They are not in charity business.As a consumer,before you complaint, you must be right,just and fair.I am sorry to say that you were
    none of these.Your request was unreasonable and you made an unreasonable request a demand and you want to complain? Instead of approaching consumer court, you need to revisit consumer
    conscience.I hope you take this in a constructive manner..
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    1st thing for such a small amount and regular medicine like crocin you should not have to argue with the medical store as your concern was fever of your child. (its my opinion) 2ndly you should have written prescription from Dr. for the quantity of the medicine and then the store refuse for the same and ask to buy for whole strip, u take the bill from them send a complaint with the copy of bill to FDA and Drug Mfg.Co. you will defiantly get the justice.
    MY EXPERIENCE : Twice time I lodged a complain and got the refund.
    In your case u don't have the proof, but its your right to complaint to the FDA and they will set right to the store.
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    Here in Shillong, all local distributors of Drug/Medicine are charging 4% C.S.T. along with 6% VAT while supplying the same to a pharmasists. Accordingly all pharmacy holders are charging the same from the end customers. In other materials no distributor, This is extra burden to the end customers. End customers are paying more for a medicine/drug which is illegal as far as my knowledge is concern.
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    hi, i am living in surat city where i am staying there is a chemist shop which i think is illegal because that person who running the shop has not any degree of B pharma or any other necessary requirment which is needed for running the chemist shop. that person runing two others chemist shop at another place. plz tell me what can i do to stop this illegal practice.
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    Dear All,

    Regarding your complaint you just have to send a complaint letter to the Pharmacy Council of India with the name and address of the Chemist, against whom you want to lodge your complaint. The address is:

    Pharmacy Council of India, Combined Council's Building,
    Kotla Road, Aiwan-E-Ghalib Marg,
    New Delhi - 110002
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    I am a resident of kolkata. I purchased a strip of painkillers from a medicine shop here in the Bijoygarh locality for my brother, taking which caused him acute poisoning in the stomach. The doctor clearly reported that the poisoning had been caused by the painkiller, which was not past its expiry date, but it was some sort of severe drug under the brand name of the painkiller. I would like to file a complain against this chemist for selling such poisonous medicine.. Please guide me through the process.

    the details of the chemist are given below:-

    Kusum Medical Hall
    8/98, Bijoygarh, Jadavpur University, Kolkata - 700032
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    I have purchesed medicines and i asked bill for that medicines ,that medical shop working man did not given to me.medical shop is in opposite to BP petrol bunk ,100 ft road ,"MUTHU paharmacy". Velacherry ,chennai 42
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    I need to complaint against the medical shop which is in vepery.There is no person with B pharm in that medical shop and if the doctor is prescribed one medicine and they are giving some other medicine and i have cross checked with Apollo pharmacy and they said it is not an alternative medicine and u should not have this medicine for this diseases.Most of the peoples residing there are facing the same problem.They have some B pharm person to sign the medical shop but actually they dont have any B pharm guys working there.We need to cancel the liscence of the medical shop and close it.Can anyone help us what we need to
    do for the above.

    The Medical shop name : Ram Pharmacy
    Place : Chennai
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    With your regard, I want to complaint against the illegal supply of medicine in delhi.

    There is a man in Village "Ishwar Sing" R/O"BAKKARWALA" Near Kanya Vidhalaya, P.O. MUNDKA ND-110041 , Who sell an aurvedic medicine which in not registered under any authority & Without any Label. This aurvedic medicine is also harmful for Human health.

    With it, There are many other Cordinators do this work, They supply these medicine to "Rajesthan", "Haryana", "U.P" and many other states .
    They have a big network of supplying these medicine.

    Name of persons who involve in suppliying the medicine are:
    *Mr. Iswar sing (Vaid Ji)
    :- Mr. Narander singh
    :- Mr. Joginder singh (Dr.)
    :- Mr. Anand Singh
    :- Mr. Parveen (Lawyer)
    :- Mr. Harander (Son of Mr. Narander Singh)
    :- Mr. Parshant (Son of Mr. Narander Singh)
    :- Mr. Hariom (Son of Mr. Narander Singh)
    :- Mr. Vikas (Son of Mr. Joginder Singh)
    :- Mr. Vikrant (Son of Mr. Joginder Singh)
    :- Mr. Dharmander (Son of Mr. Anand Singh)
    :- Mr. Jitender (Son of Mr. Anand Singh)

    At last I want to say, Plese take action as Quickly as possible.

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    Iam a member of Lions club of Tanjavur,Tamilnadu.Iam a devotee of Vailankanni Matha and I visit the church with my family usually in every 3 months.I had been to vailankanni last week on 3/4/10 and I got a severe stomach pain.I rushed to the nearby chemist store from the church by named "New Annai Medicals" and explained my problem.The chemist in the shop gave me 4 tablets and charged me nearly Rs.50.I took the pills immediately without checking it, and i got severe loose motion and fever.Later I lost my conscious and I was admitted at a private hospital in Nagapattinam and I was cured after 2 days.
    I came to know lateron that the medicines which I got from the shop is invalid and also I got the shocking news that the shop run by an uneducated owner who is doing finance business for interest .Also he has another medical shop in the same name,at church main road.He is simply playing in lives of many people by providing wrong medicines as most of the customers are from outsiders, so they can't able to complaint against him.The name of the properiter of the shop is Mr.Yesuraj.
    I request to take immediate action against these corrupted chemists to save lives of innocent pilgrims & tourists.

    Thanking you,
    Ln.Andrew chinnappan,
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    I purchased a medicine from a chemist and he refused to give the bill . I asked again again but still he refused to give it. I needed the bill for my office purposes . He also told me that bill will not given to any of the consumers. So could any one help me for my problem. The address of the chemist is as follows:
    Balaji medicals,
    jaygopal complex,
    nr. Mahatma gandhi circle,
    dist.- kolhapur
    please look in to the matter. The is legally wrong
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    i have some skin infection for that i had consulted doctor, Doctor prescribed me "HANSEPRAN 100 mg", for 15 days, but by mistake chemist had given me "HETRAZAN 100 mg". After fifteen days when i again visited to doctor, she told me that i had taken wrong medicine now i have to take correct medicine for fifteen days continuous after that i have to take after one day interval. But when i complaint to chemist for his mistake he say "IT IS NORMAL, NOW I WILL GIVE CORRECT MEDICINE", and when i said i will file a complaint against you he says " GO AND COMPLAINT WHERE YOU WANT". Now i want to file a case against chemist. I HAD BOTH ORIGINAL BILL AND MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION.

    RZ/B-1/1, SHOP No. 3


    Kundan Lal Keshri
    New Delhi 110045
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    He is selling cough syrups a to alcohol drinkers mainly selling corex. And also not providing bills to their customer. even providing to drugs to low cast people in his area.

    He is from Chanakaya palace janak puri,
    Shop Name: Geeta Medicos
    Mobile number of shop keeper: 9868912254
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    Today i went to a medical store for buying Minoxidil 5%(i am a regular user for past one year, for my alopecia) and i was given an opened carton with broken seal and half opened bottle. When i told about it, that useless creature was accusing me of breaking the seal. I think Minoxidil is prone for photochemical reactions that may affect the drug efficacy. I brought the drug from the next nearby shop.

    As a medical student, i am really concerned about two things-
    a. Selling of drugs with broken seal
    b. Customer- dealer interaction
    The shop i mentioned is near to my college(Govt Medical College, Trivandrum) where poor illiterate people often comes for medicine.

    Where and how can i file a complaint against that medical shop?
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    Few days before, i have some throat infection and as per the doctor prescription brought antibiotics from the chemist. Chemist give me 10 tablets strip. after a day, I realized that antibiotics has some side effect in my body So, I stopped that tablets and start another antibiotics as per the doctor prescription. Now, I went to that chemist to back that antibiotics then they refused me that, they only accept the complete strip. I used two tablets from the strip and as we know antibiotics are quite costly.

    I have bill of that antibiotics tablets. Can you please guide us how and where can I file my complaints?

    Thanks in advance!
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    advocate wrote: »
    dear all,

    regarding your complaint you just have to send a complaint letter to the pharmacy council of india with the name and address of the chemist, against whom you want to lodge your complaint. The address is:

    Pharmacy council of india, combined council's building,
    kotla road, aiwan-e-ghalib marg,
    new delhi - 110002

    i have to submit a complaint against the owner of medical store who is running the medical store without any license and if some of the department comes to check the license the owner will show the license which he had taken on the rent from some another firm . And on the same license now two medical stores are running at the same time . So i request you to please send me the detailed adress with e.mail adress to whom i will contact to submit the complaint . I will be very thankfull to you
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    In puzhal post kavangarai chennai 66, Pillaiyar koil street, near MMM towers. Worst Behavior
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    Dear All

    In west Bengal medicine business is most profitable business from last 10 years, because there is no any control against price of medicine and that's why black marketing is increased in daily basis. I can explain the everything my father is patient of non hodgkin's lymphoma that's why i purchased a medicine stridox 50mg as per doctor recommendation for chemo series. the price of the medicine is MRP. 950 and the medicine shop gave me at Rs. 800 appox. But in next chemo due to shortage of that particular medicine doctor recommended the same feature of medicine but it's MRP. 1100 but medical shop gave me at rs. 350 only, when i asked him
    about the price deference between the two medicine he told me in case of stridox 50mg doctor has a cut money and price depend on marketing expenses but in case of other one marketing and other expenses is too low that's for selling purpose it's price rs.350 only. In West bengal doctor's are busy to earn more income in short time however its come. medicine company are busy to servey doctors chamber not only for medicine recommendation but also for good proposal to doctor its may be LCD TV, Rolex wrist watch or a long holiday across india, For that reason maximum student of BSC, b.com and b.a are joining Medical representative, Even maximum friends of mine are joining in M.R, because there is no other option in west Bengal that's why medicine companies are paying high salary scale from other sector. Govt. doing noting for those problem they also avoid this type issue. Actually govt. are busy for their daily income and their own scam.
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    To assist the board in evaluating your complaint, provide as many details of the incident as possible. Additionally, include copies of any documentation you may have that relates to the complaint, such as prescriptions, invoices, or correspondence.

    If your complaint is regarding a dispensing error or a prescription container that is incorrectly labeled, keep the container and its contents for future reference, if possible.

    You may also submit your complaint electronically through the Board's ON-LINE COMPLAINT FORM.
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    Dear Sir,

    Last week i have take some medicin in chemist shop
    Name : Gabaneuron & Mecobalamin Tablets
    Sir i have use only 2 tablets & my Dr.Consult me you have to stop take these medicin.
    so wht i do some 8 tablets. Because tablets are some type of reaction me.

    But the shop keeper was not take balance 8 tablets.
    Shop name is JAINYSON , Pharnmaceutical distributors, Chemist druggists, 13, Central Road, Bhogal, Jangpura Extntions.
    Tin No- 07340022110
    Counter Cash Sale No. 32393
    Slip Date Is:- 2.11.2011

    Shiv Kumar
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    We have purchased medicine from The Homoeo World,87 A Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata-700026, DL No:HL-688S Phone No 033-24860352 Mobile No 9830137957 while purchasing he confirmed any unused medicine will be taken back but when we wanted to return they are showing the terms of Invoice where they have mentioned Goods once sold will not be taken back
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    Dear sir, I want to inform you that, Naveen medical store, and Neeraj medical agency,kasiram nagar, UP. whole sale stockist of pharmaceutical product of different Pharmacy company,
    doing some unethical practice, he sold other state medicine without any tax pay to government, and he sold many propaganda medicine without any license and sample pack of medicine.
    so please take action .

    thanking you
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    i m vishal from nehru vihar 110054 i want to complaint the shop no 16 D Block D.D.A Market SACHDEVA MEDICAL Store near Govt School Nehru Vihar 110054 he his solding the expire date of medicines and not giving bill also and i think he has not renewed his license also and also solding drugs tablets also and his behviour is also not good towords the customer and he sold not manufactred n expire date so please come and take soon suitable action against that shop.
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    This is Vaneet. I want to file a complaint against your EAST PATEL NAGAR Branch, Whereby the attendant has refused to deliver the medicine, being order is less than INR 100.

    However such conditions has not been mentioned anywhere on your website and branches. The requested medicine was required on urgent basis.

    I am surprised as well as harassed by such a unpleasant and irresponsible behaviour of the attendant.

    Request you to take immediate and urgent action towards the same.

    Vaneet Gupta
    Mob: 9953240347
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    sir/ madam
    i am a resident of maynaguri in the district of jalpaiguri . now a days we are facing a big problem of black marketing of panmasla , gutka , cigaret . retailer are selling the above mention product more then Rs.3-5 more whatever is printed as maximum retail price . retailer are not giving any bill for the product . we have to pay more price and as fer as my concern its a case of cheating and as we have no prove we can not do anything regarding this thing . therefor i will request you to let me know how can i take action against such bad practices . wholesaler and retailer are packed and we cant do anything so please take some action .
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    • Dear Sir/Mam,
      We have purchased medicine Feronia XT drops 10 pks in month of april(Last Month) from The Royal Medical,shop no 5,Patliputra Nagar,Opp Bldg No : 2/D,Oshiwara,Jogeshwari(W),Mumbai-102. Mobile No 9321404994,9969624703,9967460956....for my daughter age 1 yrs old...as her docter told to continue upto the age of 18 months....but again when she got fever we went to the doctor......that time he changed medicine from Feronia drops to Feronia XT syrup.....so i requested so many times to exchange it instead of giving money back....but alll in vein eventhough i have their bills proper but when we wanted to return they are showing the terms of Invoice where they have mentioned Goods once sold will not be taken back and even got threatening by him like do watever you want or we donot bother even if you do complaint against us...

      Request you to take immediate and urgent action towards the same,Plzzzzz...

      Thanking you.


      Nisha Tiwari
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    Have come across instances where the chemist refused to provide medicines as i asked for only one medicine out of 4 prescribed by the doctor. I told him that i already have the other medicines but he says that they will not give if we want only one medicine...is there some rule on this....such chemists cause problems to customers especially if such medicines are not available and are required urgently...pls suggest what can be done against such chemist
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    Hi, this is M Rani, IN keshavPuram C-7 block DDA market, One chemist shop UPPAL MEDICOS is running without any license. Earlier license was of his father in law who expired 5 years ago and now son in law a Matric fail man is running the shop playing with the lives of the people. Drug inspectors too take their cut and turn their eyes shut. what to do.

    Please advise
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    I purchased a few medicines for my heart ailment from my local chemist from whom I buy my medicines regularly.After verifying on the site DrugsUpdate.com, I found out some cheaper drugs with the same generics. Next day I went to him for exchanging the same and I was shocked when he cut 20% of the cost of the original drugs and adjusted with the cost of the new drug and refunded the balance. I would like to know whether is this the norm and are they allowed to do so?
    Kindly let me know where I can complaint about this chemist. As I am a retired person that money does matter to me.
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    I went to a nearby chemist in Viping Garden, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi area to buy a Anti rabbies Vaccine called "Rabipur". The chemist gave me a discount of 5% of the MRP amount of Rs. 374/- However, when I asked for the bill, he denied stating that he cannot provide the bill at discounted rate. He will be able to provide the bill for MRP amount and I have to pay the actual MRP to get a bill. I want to lodge a complain against this Chemist because other chemists gives 5-10 % discount on all medicines along with bills as well. This is not the first time that this particular chemist has done this. Please Advise.
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